The DxO ONE clip-on camera attachment will soon be available for Android phones with USB-C


DxO, known primarily for their camera sensors, lenses, and smartphone camera ratings, is updating its DxO ONE camera attachment with support for Android phones. First announced for Apple iPhones and iPads in 2015, the DxO ONE plugged into the Lightning port of iPhones and iPads. The attachment will now plug into USB-C ports, making it compatible with recent Android smartphones and tablets.

The DxO ONE Android is expected in the coming weeks via an “Early Access” program which should allow users to preview the DxO ONE Android and receive regular updates with the latest application features. The program should also serve as an opportunity for participants to share their feedback and help improve the DxO ONE experience on Android. The company has said that version 1.0 of the DxO ONE Android app will be available for free in the coming weeks at the Google Play Store as part of the “DxO ONE Android Early Access program”. You can find more information on the early access program here.


To remind you, the DxO One is a digital camera with a 20.2-megapixel 1-inch sensor paired with a 32mm equivalent lens with an F1.8 maximum aperture. The attachment also features a monochrome OLED screen displaying basic shooting parameters. Plugging it into the iPhone via the integrated Lightning connector lets you use the phone’s display for a viewfinder. The DxO One lets you shoot stills in Raw or JPEG formats.

DxO has also updated its iOS app to version 3.0 and now supports multi-camera streaming for Facebook Live and features a new time-lapse option. The time-lapse option uses what DxO calls “Auto Ramping” technology to avoid flicker effects by providing consistent exposure and white balance across images. The company has also updated its ecosystem of accessories for the DxO ONE and now includes an external battery pack, which the company claims doubles the camera’s battery life, and a cable back door for the device’s waterproof case.

Pricing information for the DxO ONE Android is unavailable presently. The new battery pack is expected to retail for $59.99, while the new cable back door is being bundled with the Outdoor Shell as a free accessory. We’ll keep you updated with pricing information as and when the company makes it available.

[Source: DxO ]