Snapchat for iOS gets updated with support for Ghost Mode and link sharing


Good news for Snapchat users on iOS devices. Just a few weeks after Snapchat rolled out contextual cards in their last major update to the app, a fresh update released today for iOS users brings in two new feature additions to the app – link sharing and Ghost Mode in Snap Map.

To use the link sharing feature all you need to do is to tap the share button in another app using which you can send links or photos to friends on Snapchat. If Snapchat doesn’t appear in the share menu, tap (…) to add it

As for the Ghost Mode on the Snap Map, you can now choose the amount of time you’d like to remain in Ghost Mode. Earlier, you only had the option to turn live sharing on or off. Now you can hide in Ghost Mode for three to 24 hours. While the link sharing feature will be an added convenience for Snapchat users, it could also help Snapchat monetize and use it as a legitimate source for referral traffic.

As for other new features, it has now become easier for you to glance at people’s stories by tapping and holding their names anywhere within the app.

The new version of Snapchat for iOS is already live on the App Store. In case you haven’t received a prompt to update it, you might want to run a manual update. These same set of features are also expected to roll out for Android users in the next few days.