Optoma announces six new Short Throw Projectors to its 515 Series in India


Optoma has announced the launch of six brand new short throw projectors in India. All six models are part of the company’s 515 series. The new models’ to be launched include the WU515TST, WU515ST, EH515TST, EH515ST, W515ST, and X515ST. Most models in these series boast of a new short throw lens with a throw ratio of 0.8, and a lens shift range of up to +25% vertical and 10% horizontal. All these models are suitable for ultra-flexible installations in places like retail shops, museums, and schools

The new models come in choices of different resolution and lumen options ranging from XGA at 6000 lumens, WXGA at 5500 lumens, Full HD 1080p at 5000 lumens, and WUXGA at 5500 lumens. All the models get a four-corner adjustment, using which the projectors can be installed quickly even on uneven walls, or where a projector needs to be installed at any angle.

Announcing the launch, Gordon Wu, Assistant Vice President at Optoma APAC, said:

“Up until now, to achieve this level of performance and flexibility, customers would look at a projector with an exchangeable lens, and spend extra for the lens. This can be an unnecessary expense if the flexibility to change lenses is not required once installed. To save the unrequired journey, Optoma launches the new 515 series. With short throw lens, flexible lens shift, and the high brightness that’s usually associated with exchangeable-lens projectors, Optoma 515 series can surely help customers keep the desired features without the undesired cost.”