Gigabyte Releases Radeon RX Vega 64 gaming OC Windforce 2X


Vega was AMD’s much-awaited response to Nvidia’s 10-series GPUs and put team red back on the map. AMD cards, however, were hard to get as they were scooped up by Crypto miners as AMD cards are inherently better for mining operations, compared to their Nvidia counterparts. The situation has gotten worse, with the rise of Etherium mining, which took the internet by storm some time ago. Getting your hands on an RX Vega card is even more difficult now, with units flying off shelves hours after coming in stock.

Gigabyte announced the release of the Radeon RX Vega 63 Gaming OC 8GB, which employs their patented Windforce twin-fan cooling system. The card is overclocked out of the box, running at 1,276MHz out of the box and can attain a boost clock speed of up to 1,500MHz. Other features include 12+1 power phases, a backplate with a copper slug and zero fan speed under idle. The card packs 8GB of HBM2 (High Bandwidth Memory) VRAM that can transfer data at speeds up to 256GB/s. We’re glad to see HBM being used in more and more consumer grade cards and hope that it’ll eventually replace the existing GDDR5 standard.

The card features 3x HDMI ports and 3x display ports, allowing up to six devices including VR gear to be connected simultaneously. The card is a power guzzler and needs 2x8pin PCIe power connectors. While no TDP was specified, the recommended power supply was stated to be around 750W. A solid backplate sits on the back of the card to provide it with structural integrity. The pricing and the release date is yet to be announced, but speculations indicate that the card will most likely be released during the holiday season, late in December.