Samsung Galaxy S9 to feature an upgraded iris scanner: Report


When Samsung introduced the iris scanner with the Galaxy Note7 last year, it was met with mixed reactions. However, the iris scanner on the latest Galaxy flagships such as the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note8 is not only more accurate but also more convenient to use. According to a new report, Samsung is planning to improve the iris scanner feature further next year with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

The report published by The Korea Herald claims the iris scanner on the Galaxy S9 will be used not just to unlock the device but also to protect sensitive user data. While the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note8 feature a 2-megapixel iris camera lens, the Galaxy S9 is said to come with an upgraded 3-megapixel unit that will allow it to capture greater detail. The upgrade iris camera lens will be able to better recognize the user’s iris even when they have glasses on or in a very bright or dark environment. The response time, which is currently 1 second, is expected to be shorter as well. To complement the new hardware, Samsung is currently said to be developing software to allow the iris scanner to scan user’s irises more accurately with greater security. While many banks in South Korea already allow customers to authorize financial transactions using iris scanning for authentication, the improvement in security could help make it more popular among users.

There is some other good news as well. The report claims Samsung is planning to launch budget smartphones with iris scanners by the end of next year or by early 2019. Samsung believes that iris scanning is the most secure biometric authentication method out there, so the addition of an iris sensor to its budget smartphones might help it achieve its dream of replacing physical banks with mobile banking.

Samsung’s key rival LG too is expected to integrate an iris scanner into its upcoming flagship, the G7.