Google Pixel 2 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone 7: Price in India, Specification and Features Compared


Google Pixel 2 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs Apple iPhone 7: Display

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ is equipped with a 6.2-inch Super AMOLED display and a QHD+ resolution. The Google Pixel 2 also features an OLED display, and it comes with Full HD resolution. Whereas, the Apple iPhone 7 is equipped with a 4.7-inch IPS LCD display. As the Galaxy S8 has the highest resolution, best viewing experience, and large screen in a compact footprint, it wins in the display department over the other two smartphones. The Apple iPhone 7 loses in the display department as it not only misses out on an OLED display but also has a relatively low-resolution and thick bezel.

Google Pixel 2 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs Apple iPhone 7: Camera

Earlier, every Apple iPhone was known for its excellent imaging. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case anymore; the Samsung Galaxy S8+ is the new benchmark in the camera department. Not only the Samsung Galaxy S8+ provides with excellent image quality, but it also has a very consistent performance through a number of scenarios.

The original Google Pixel defeated every smartphone when it launched, including the predecessor of the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. However, the successor of the Google Pixel isn’t good enough in imaging to defeat the Samsung Galaxy S8. Having said that, the Google Pixel 2 isn’t that bad; it captures relatively good images.

Google Pixel 2 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs Apple iPhone 7: Performance

All the three smartphones are equipped with very powerful processors and feature cutting-edge technology. Not only they are packed with powerful processors, but they are fast in real-world usage too. However, the smoothness is where all the smartphone differ by a slight margin. The Apple iPhone 7 and the Google Pixel 2 are equally smooth. While the Samsung Galaxy S8 is fast, its animations aren’t as smooth as that of the other two smartphones. That said, the Samsung Galaxy S8 beats the other two smartphones in terms of additional useful features, i.e. it comes with Secure Folder, dual-apps, scrolling screenshot, edge lighting, Samsung Pass, and lastly the Samsung Pay. Therefore, all the three smartphones are equally good in the performance department.

Google Pixel 2 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs Apple iPhone 7: Battery

Earlier, the flagship smartphones from Samsung were known for providing a lower battery backup. Surprisingly, the Samsung Galaxy S8+ has changed the game; it now comes with a larger 3500mAh battery and it defeats many flagship smartphones including the Google Pixel 2 and the Apple iPhone 7.

The Google Pixel 2 is equipped with 2700mAh battery, which may not seem much in front of the Samsung Galaxy S8’s 3500mAh battery, but thanks to the optimised software, it has a decently good battery backup; not as good as the Galaxy S8+, but good enough to last a whole day with moderate usage.

The Apple iPhone 7 comes with the smallest battery of the lot, but it performs as good as the Google Pixel 2, thanks to the power-efficient processor and iOS operating system.

Google Pixel 2 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs Apple iPhone 7: Conclusion

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ has a larger and better performing display, a better camera performance, and a longer lasting battery. Therefore, it is the winner in this comparison. However, if you are a fan of stock Android UI, then the Google Pixel 2 is the best device you can buy among three smartphones. The Apple iPhone 7 is best suited for those who prefer a compact smartphone with easy to use UI.