Google Chrome for Android will soon get support for HDR videos

LG G6 Review 10 HDR Display

The most popular web browser for smartphones, Google Chrome, is finally on the verge of offering users the ability to watch High Dynamic Range (HDR) content. At least that could be the case according to a couple of commits that were found on the Chromium Gerrit channel earlier this month. Many other popular apps including Netflix and YouTube already offer this feature, and it’s about time that Google implemented this feature in Chrome.

HDR is the next step in the evolution of content consumption. HDR videos offers a broader colour profile, with a more significant contrast between the blacks and the whites. In other words, it makes the colours more vibrant and offers a lot more details on darker areas of a video frame. A lot of new video games, movies, and TV shows have started to emerge with HDR capabilities.

The challenge with HDR content is that you not only need content that was made for it, but also need a compatible device with screens and apps that can actually extract the required metadata to play such content. As of now, all of these are in limited quantity, but this step by Google could gain enough traction to push content creators and manufacturers to produce more HDR capable media/hardware. Android technically did support HDR playback support from Android 7.0 Nougat, but up until now, it required app developers to implement the feature themselves. This made it even more of an effort for this new experience to become accessible to end users.

Hopefully, in the coming days, we can expect to get a lot more enthusiasm from our favourite ‘YouTubers’ and other content creators to start adopting this new trend. However, we still don’t have an official release day, but the feature does seem to be in some sort of a development phase. Knowing how Google likes to approach technological progress, it’s only a matter of time before this innovative feature is rolled out for all of us to enjoy, at least for those who have phones with HDR-compatible displays.

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