iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus: Price in India, Specifications, and Features Compared

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus

The battle of the flagship phones is fierce, but this time around we compare the uber expensive Apple iPhone X with the lesser flagship variants, namely, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the one generation older iPhone 7 Plus. The idea is to figure out if the slightly outdated iPhone 7 Plus can compete with the lower end Samsung flagship variants.

Furthermore, it needs to be seen if the iPhone X has the requisite features and performance to justify the massive premium it commands over the other two phones in contention here. Let’s take a look at the three flagship smartphones and figure out which one makes the best value proposition.

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus: Display

The display race is a close contest between the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone X here, with the iPhone 7’s IPS LCD panel not even registering anywhere close on the quality radar. The iPhone X may fare slightly better in terms of colour accuracy, but it also has a lower resolution and hence much lower pixel density. The differences in such parameters are so miniscule that what really matters is the off-putting notch and overly rounded corners of the iPhone X, which detract from the overall experience. The winner, therefore, is the Samsung Galaxy S8, with its gorgeous bezel-less display that looks great switched on and off.

Apple iPhone X

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus: Camera

On paper, both the iPhone X and iPhone 7 Plus are superior to the Samsung Galaxy S8 due to the dual camera setups. However, having tested all three phones, the Galaxy S8 delivers much better photos both in daylight and in low light conditions. Between the iPhones, the iPhone X sports OIS on both cameras in the dual-camera setup, whereas the iPhone 7 Plus has OIS on only one.

Both the iPhones also support bokeh effects in their portrait modes and 4K recording at 60fps, which the Samsung cannot. The Galaxy S8 is faster at acquiring and processing images, and also does a much better job irrespective of the lighting conditions. Needless to say, since the Galaxy S8 delivers better photos, we recommend it over the iPhones. Between the Apple smartphones, the iPhone X bests its lower priced predecessor, but then it might as well considering how much it costs.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus review

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus: Performance

This is no contest. Not only both the iPhones exhibit better single core performance compared to the Snapdragon 835 and its Exynos brethren, but the iPhone X also beats the competition in the multi-core stakes. Compound this with the fact that the iOS is way more optimised and light compared to the Samsung fork of Android, and you have the iPhone X, iPhone 7 Plus, and Samsung galaxy S8 ending up in the 1-2-3 position respectively.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus: Verdict

Going by the results so far, the Samsung Galaxy S8 not only has display and camera that are better in terms of real world usage, but it is represents great value at an asking price of ₹54,000. The iPhone 7 Plus is a bit dearer at ₹55,500, but it lacks bezel-less design and water resistance of the Galaxy S8. The iPhone X has all these features, but then you have to pay a massive premium of ₹36,000 over the asking price of the Galaxy S8.

At ₹85,000 the iPhone X isn’t a great value proposition, and its matched in almost every respect by the Samsung Galaxy S8, thereby making the S8 our ultimate choice. The Apple iPhone 7 Plus makes more sense for those who are willing to compromise on water protection and bezel-less design for the dual camera setup.

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