[CES 2018] House of Marley, Sol Republic announce new wireless headphones, portable speakers

CES 2018 House Of Marley LAUNCHES

We have already covered a lot of speaker and wireless headphone launches that took place so far at CES 2018. Unsurprisingly, this is going to be yet another write up that speaks about a couple of new offerings from House of Marley, a popular brand known for their high-performance audio products.  We will also take a look at products from another popular audio brand Sol Republic. We will first talk about all the new products from House of Marley. The company announced a slew of new products that range from wireless Bluetooth earphones to portable wireless speakers this year. Let us take a quick look at a couple of products that were displayed at the House of Marley stall at CES 2018. We will take a look the Sol Republic products later.

House of Marley No Bounds Speaker

First up we have the No Bounds speaker from House of Marley.This happens to be a dust and waterproof speaker that has an IP67 rating. The company claims that the product is designed for people who have an active lifestyle. Like other House of Marley products, the No Bounds speaker is made of lightweight, recyclable cork, and is also capable of being part of a dual speaker stereo setup. The No Bounds speaker claims a10-hour battery life and is designed to be used outdoors. The House of Marley No Bounds Bluetooth speaker will go on sale starting April 2018 and will be priced at $69.99.

House of Marley No Bounds Sport Speaker

As you might have guessed, the No Bounds Sport Speaker is basically an enhanced version of the ‘original’ No Bounds speaker with a few extra features. This speaker boasts of a 12+ hour battery life and waterproof 360-degree sound. The product also gets an optional storage in the base of the speaker. The overall fit and finish of the speaker is also premium which explains the $119.99 price tag. Expect the No Bounds Sport speaker to go on sale starting May 2018

House of Marley Uprise headphones

The third product that House of Marley showcased at CES 2018 was the new House of Marley Uprise wireless, in-ear headphones. The new headphones are claimed to be IPX5 sweat and weather resistant. It is made of non-toxic silicone and wood fiber composite resin. The Uprise headphones are slated to go on sale by June 2018 and will be priced at $99.99.

That was the House of Marley line up that was officially announced at this year’s CES. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, let us now take a look at the range of products that Sol Republic announced this year at CES.

Sol Republic Shadow Fusion Wireless Headphones


The first product that we will talk about from Sol Republic is the Shadow Fusion wireless headphones. If you are well versed with Sol Republic’s product line-up, you will be quick to recognize that the Shadow Fusion headphones is an upgrade to the company’s existing Shadow Wireless headphones. The USP of the new product is a  fabric-knit neck collar that is IPX5 rain and sweat resistant. The Shadow Fusion also boasts of magnetic earbuds and boasts of a flexible design that allows the headphones to fit within the included stash bag. The Sol Republic Shadow Fusion headphones will be on sale by Q2, 2018 and will be priced at $149.99

Sol Republic Soundtrack Wireless Headphones

The second product that was announced by Sol Republic at CES 2018 is the Soundtrack Wireless headphone. This is a foldable over the ear headphone that boasts of high-quality sound with extended deep base and 20+hour battery life. The product comes with an inbuilt microphone and features on-board controls as well. The Sol Republic Soundtrack Wireless Headphones are priced at $169.99 and will be on sale starting Q2 2018.

Sol Republic Soundtrack Pro Wireless Headphones

As evident from its name, the Sol Republic Soundtrack Pro Wireless Headphones is an enhanced version of the Soundtrack Wireless Headphones. This one, however, features 24+ hour battery life and gets 50mm drivers as well as better over-ear cushions that are made of memory foam Sonicsoft. The Sol Republic Soundtrack Pro Wireless Headphones has a price tag of $249.99 and will go on sale starting Q2 2018.

These were the six different products that House of Marley and Sol Republic announced at this year’s CES. While not groundbreaking products, do let us know if any of these products piqued your interest. All said we do not expect these products to be officially available in India anytime soon.


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