Anker announces PowerHouse 200 portable power station

Anker PowerHouse 200 Portable Power Station

Last year, Anker grabbed everyone’s attention with the launch of the PowerHouse 120000 portable power station, the first device of its kind. Now, Anker has launched a scaled-down version of the PowerHouse 120000, the PowerHouse 200.

The Anker PowerHouse 200, as the name suggests, has 200Wh of power. As for the power outlets, the PowerHouse 200 has three Power IQ USB Type-A outputs, one USB Type-C power output with USB Power Delivery, one 12V DC power outlet, and one AC power outlet. The four USB power outputs have 30W of power shared between them. The DC power outlet has 120W of power output, whereas, the AC socket has 100W of power output.

The PowerHouse 200 has a small screen at the front that displays the amount of power left in it. The device itself charges through a DC power input, for which, it comes bundled with an AC power adapter. The PowerHouse 200 weighs just under 3.25 kilos. The beefed-up version of the PowerHouse 200, which is the PowerHouse 120000 has 432Wh of battery and a weight of 4.21 kilos.

The Anker PowerHouse 200 has a metal body, and it comes with a carry handle for hassle-free portability. The device suits perfectly well for long journeys, where electricity and wall outlet are an issue. Thanks to the AC power outlet, the PowerHouse 200 can run almost every daily-essential product without any hassle.

Due to the smaller battery capacity, the PowerHouse 200 costs $299, which is almost half of what the PowerHouse 120000 costs ($499). According to Anker, PowerHouse 200 will start shipping this summer. However, the availability of the device for India hasn’t been revealed yet. It would be great to see the Anker PowerHouse 200 launch in India, as there is a lot of demand for such products in the country.

Recently, Mophie has launched a similar product, called the powerstation AC. The Mophie powerstation AC costs $199, and it has a smaller battery capacity than the PowerHouse 200. For more details on the Mophie powerstation AC, you can visit here.

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