LG to debut AI enhanced V30+α at MWC 2018 next month, G7 launch unlikely

LG V30+α rumor

According to a new report out of South Korea, LG Electronics is planning to launch an upgraded variant of its V30 flagship smartphone at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona next month. The new version, according to sources, could be launched as the V30+ α (alpha).

LG V30+α: Features

Unfortunately, the report does not mention anything with regards to the hardware specifications of the new V30 variant. It only claims the smartphone will feature Google Assistant-based AI functions. If LG is actually planning to market the new variant as its first 2018 flagship device, then we do hope that the company is planning to introduce some key hardware upgrades as well. While there is no doubt that the V30 is a very impressive flagship smartphone, it wouldn’t be a great idea to introduce a new variant with just some new software features. However, you shouldn’t be surprised if LG decides to do just that at MWC 2018. The G6 was launched with the Snapdragon 821 chipset instead of the newer and more powerful Snapdragon 835 found on most 2017 flagship smartphones, including the US and Chinese variants of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

What about the G7, then?

If the report is indeed accurate, it would mean that LG will not be announcing the G7 at MWC 2018 next month. At CES earlier this month, LG Electronics CEO Jo Seong-jin had stressed on the company’s new strategy to retain its flagship models for a longer period. “We need a strategy to maintain the existing platforms longer,” Jo said. “The G6 and V30 smartphones are really well-made.” A recent report had, in fact, claimed that the LG CEO has ordered the mobile division to restart G7 development from scratch.

In case the G7 doesn’t show up at the Mobile World Congress next month, it would seem likely that the next G series flagship will be announced at a separate event later this year.