Moto X4 vs Oppo F3 Plus vs Sony Xperia XA2: Price in India, Specifications and Features Comparison


The smartphone market saw a huge boost last year when a lot of new technologies found its way to phones in various pricing segments. We saw highly efficient and powerful processors, dual cameras, sleeker designs and also manufacturers focusing on better OS experience. And we chose three phones which excel in terms of the above-mentioned parameters, which also fall in the same pricing bracket, so we could compare them to see which the best phone among them was. We chose the Motorola Moto X4, the Oppo F3 Plus, and the upcoming Sony Xperia XA2 — read on to see who the winner is.

Moto X4 vs Oppo F3 Plus vs Sony Xperia XA2: Price in India

The Motorola X4 was launched in November 2017 and is currently priced at ?22,999 for its 4GB RAM variant. The Oppo F3 Plus was released a while earlier, in March 2017, and currently costs ?22,990 for the 6GB RAM version. The Sony Xperia XA2 is yet to receive an official launch date, but we expect it to hit the markets sometime in a month or two. We expect the phone to be priced at around ?22,000.

Moto X4 vs Oppo F3 Plus vs Sony Xperia XA2: Display

The Motorola Moto X4 sports a 5.2-inch screen with a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels and a pixel density of 424ppi. The Oppo F3 Plus offers the largest display among the three, as it comes with a 6-inch screen that offers a 1080×1920 resolution, with a density of 367ppi. The Sony Xperia XA2 has similar screen specs to the Moto X4. It comes with a 5.2-inch display with a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels and has 424 pixels per inch. All three phones come with Gorilla Glass protection and offer the same aspect ratio — 16:9.

Moto X4 vs Oppo F3 Plus vs Sony Xperia XA2: Performance

The Motorola Moto X4 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 octa-core 2.2GHz processor, as compared to the Oppo F3 Plus which comes with a Qualcomm MSM8976 Pro Snapdragon 653 octa-core chip (4×1.95GHz and 4×1.44GHz). The Xperia XA2 is driven by its Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 octa-core 2.2GHz, once again, similar to the Moto X4.

The phones differ in terms of their RAM offerings — the Moto X4 offers 4GB RAM where the Oppo F3 Plus offers 6GB RAM. Comparatively, the Sony Xperia XA2 offers 3GB RAM. The X4 and F3 Plus come with 64GB of internal memory whereas the XA2 offers 32GB onboard storage. All three phones support expandable memory up to 256GB. Note that there is a Moto X4 variant which offers 6GB RAM, but it’s a little bit more expensive at ?24,999. While the XA2 and X4 come with Android 8.0, the F3 Plus comes with Android 6.0.

Moto X4 vs Oppo F3 Plus vs Sony Xperia XA2: Camera

The X4 features a dual camera setup for its rear camera — a 12MP f/2.0 + 8 MP f/2.2 combo that features phase detection autofocus. Comparatively, the Oppo F3 Plus offers a 16MP f/1.7 rear shooter that comes with phase detection autofocus and optical image stabilisation (OIS) as well. The Sony Xperia XA2 has a 23MP f/2.0 rear camera. All three phones let you record 2160p videos at 30 frames per second.

On the front, the Moto X4 sports a 16MP f/2.0 camera. Clearly, Oppo wanted to live up to its ‘selfie expert’ street cred, because the company put a dual camera on the front for the F3 Plus: a 16MP+8MP selfie camera lets you take the best possible selfies of yourself. In comparison, the Xperia XA2 comes with an 8MP f/2.4 front snapper.

Moto X4 vs Oppo F3 Plus vs Sony Xperia XA2: Verdict

All said and done, we decided that the Moto X4 is the best of the three. It features a better camera, better OS experience, and an excellent display too. So that wraps up our comparison of the Motorola Moto X4 versus the Oppo F3 Plus versus the Sony Xperia XA2.