Apple’s iPad continues to be the world’s best-selling tablet

iPad continues to be the world’s best-selling tablet despite heated competition

When Apple announced its most profitable financial quarter, lots of eyes were on how much revenue the company was able to generate or how many iPhones it sold. A small number of people were able to notice how many iPad units were sold and if you were to take a look at that figure you would definitely be astounded by the number of units they have been able to sell.

According to IDC, Apple sold around 43.8 million iPads in 2017, making it the biggest tablet-selling company in the world. Other companies like Samsung and Amazon would have been thought to get the better of their rival. Amazon is able to generate revenue through its Fire tablet sales while Samsung is also able to sell a decent number of units.

Apple sold more tablets than Amazon and Samsung combined

IDC report states that Samsung and Amazon sold around 24.9 million and 16.7 million tablets, respectively. The total amount comes to 41.6 million units, which is still less than the entire tablet unit sales by Apple last year. This is thanks to seamless integration between hardware and software and a while back, Apple made tablets that came with an expensive price tag. Things are a bit different now.

With the 9.7-inch iPad, buyers can get more with their money and experience a small degree of compromises in the act. Just like the iPhone X, Apple has been rumoured to come up with an iPad Pro model that will take a few tips from the bezel-less iPhone. This will include slimmer bezels and Face ID presence, which pretty much means that we can say goodbye to the home button on the iPad Pro. These iPad Pro models are heavy hitters when it comes to benchmarks and tackling task. We expect to see more powerful chipsets running in future iPad Pro models, and there is a chance that an updated 9.7-inch iPad model is unveiled.

The iPad might not be Apple’s best-selling product, but lots of phone manufacturers are unable to achieve the number of sales that this tablet is capable of obtaining.


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