Samsung may replace Galaxy S moniker with Galaxy X; Here are the rumoured specs

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 details emerge with in-house CPU GPU combo, ultra-fast storage and RAM and new OLED tech

Samsung sure impressed critics last year with the release of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, with its Infinity Display and a bunch of other hardware improvements. While the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ will look like a hardware update with virtually no change to their design, a new leak from Weibo reveals that the phone that will succeed the Galaxy S9 duo is the flagship smartphone that you all should be waiting for. Some reports also claim that Samsung could ditch the Galaxy S naming scheme next year in favour of Galaxy X.

It is possible that Samsung wanted to increase the screen percentage for the Galaxy S9, but there were certain complications that the company might have experienced along the way. Those complications might not exist with the Galaxy S10 (or the Galaxy X) because the Weibo leakster says that the flagship for 2019 is going to feature a 93 percent screen-to-body ratio. The smartphone might also come with an M9 series OLED screen, which might deliver certain benefits over the Super AMOLED panels used by Samsung. Their advantages are not yet known to yet to us at the moment, but we are sure that more leaks will come through explaining what these terms mean.

Galaxy S10/X: UFS 3.0 storage, LPDDR5 memory, 5G radio

Rumoured Samsung Galaxy S10/X features
Rumoured Samsung Galaxy S10/X features

Information released on Weibo suggests that Samsung is going to be making its own CPU and GPU for the Galaxy X. While Samsung does make its own chipsets for its flagship lineup, along with high-powered custom cores called Mongoose, the GPU is still taken from ARM. That might cease to exist as Samsung might use a custom-designed GPU for seamless integration between both of these silicon. To make a Galaxy S10 or the Galaxy X smarter, an NPU, or Neural Processing Unit is also said to be a part of the specifications.

For informational purposes, the Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro also feature their own NPU. Other specifications include the UFS 3.0 storage standard, LPDDR5 memory and of course, 5G capability. The Galaxy S10 might also feature smarter and faster facial recognition, as suggested by the leak. With its own NPU in place, it could also recognize the person who is attempting to unlock the device, or if they are simply using a Facebook profile to unlock it.

All of these things sound very exciting for the Galaxy S10 but unfortunately, they have to be treated like a rumor and not be believed immediately. More than likely, we’ll be seeing more leaks like this in the coming future.


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