Mi A1 vs Moto G5S Plus vs Nokia 6 vs Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime: Price in India, Specifications, and Features Compared


Buying a phone for less than ₹15,000 these days is great because you have a tonne of great contenders thanks to players such as Xiaomi, Motorola, Honor, Asus, Nokia, and Lenovo. But with phones sporting similar specifications and features, it’s pretty hard to figure out which one is more deserving of your hard-earned cash. That’s why we pit four of the best phones in this segment against each other to find out which one is the best in the critical parameters of Display, Camera, and performance.

Mi A1 vs Moto G5S Plus vs Nokia 6 vs Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime: Display

It’s pretty hard to figure out which phone is better based on the display specifications itself, because all of these phones sport 5.5-inch 1080p LCD screens with the same pixel density. However, the Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime has a greater screen to body ratio of 73 percent, compared to the 70 percent of the rest. However, the Samsung phone also has a few plastic parts in its chassis. Furthermore, the PLS TFT panel isn’t as good as the rest, with the Xiaomi Mi A1 topping the display chart here with its power efficient and vibrant LTPS IPS panel. The Nokia 6 and Motorola Moto G5S Plus perform more or less the same in the display department.

Mi A1 vs Moto G5S Plus vs Nokia 6 vs Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime: Camera

The Xiaomi Mi A1 is the best here by far with its sublime 12MP sensors, with the secondary one providing 2x optical zoom. The rear camera is good enough for us to ignore the lacklustre 5MP front camera, so this phone definitely isn’t for selfie addicts. Between the remaining three, the dual camera setup on the Moto G5S Plus is nowhere near as good as the other two single camera phones. This is primarily because Motorola removed one great camera module and replaced it with two mediocre ones. Contrastingly, the Nokia 6’s 16MP sensor produces some great photographs, with the Samsung On7 Prime’s 13MP module coming in last.

Mi A1 vs Moto G5S Plus vs Nokia 6 vs Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime: Performance

Both the Motorola and Xiaomi here have similar specifications, with the Snapdragon 625 SoC, Adreno 506 GPU, and 4GB of RAM. The only difference being that the Android One on the Mi A1 delivers slightly better real-world performance than the Moto G5S Plus, putting the Xiaomi in the number one position and the Motorola phone in the close second. Between the Nokia 6 and the Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime, we prefer Nokia despite its Snapdragon 430 chipset clocking in 200MHz lower than the similarly specced Exynos 7870 on the Samsung smartphone. The main reason being that the Nokia 6’s Adreno 505 GPU is vastly better than the Mali-T830 MP1 found in the Samsung smartphone.

Mi A1 vs Moto G5S Plus vs Nokia 6 vs Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime: Verdict

With the pricing being roughly the same for these phones, their specifications also don’t vary that greatly. Nevertheless, the Nokia 6 and Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime disappoint with lower end processors, compared to the sublime Snapdragon 625 chipsets found on the Xiaomi Mi A1 and the Motorola Moto G5S Plus. If you’re looking for decent performance, these two phones should be your best bet. Within these two, Xiaomi edges out Motorola with a vastly better camera and display as well. However, both the Nokia 6 and Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime deliver better camera performance compared to the Motorola, so camera conscious buyers might want to keep that in mind.