Huawei found asking for fake reviews to promote its Mate 10 Pro through private group

Huawei Mate 10 Pro
Huawei Mate 10 Pro

It goes against the law of ethics when you see a company as big as Huawei attempting to sell its Mate 10 Pro to users in exchange for fake reviews on Best Buy. It might be hard to believe, but it is true. While the decision of publishing ‘fake reviews’ is entirely on the reader, it becomes a little difficult to refuse the request if you are given the chance to become a beta-tester of the Mate 10 Pro.

While Huawei did resort to such tactics and being the third-largest phone manufacturer in the world, you would honestly think that there would have been some creative path that the company’s marketing team would have taken, Huawei has also provided its response on the latest accusations.

Fake reviews were requested through private Facebook group, here is Huawei’s response on the matter

The funny thing about these Mate 10 Pro reviews is that the phone itself is only available to pre-order in America and users have already said a ton of impressive things about the flagship on Best Buy, an online retailer situated in the country. These ‘fake review’ requests came via a private Facebook group, but Android Authority managed to get a hold of their representatives, asking them why the company decided to resort to such tactics. Here is the response:

“Huawei’s first priority is always the consumer and we encourage our customers to share their experiences with our devices in their own voice and through authentic conversation. We believe there is confusion around a recent social media post reaching out to recruit new beta testers. While there are reviews from beta testers with extensive knowledge of the product, they were in no way given monetary benefits for providing their honest opinions of the product. However, we are working to remove posts by beta testers where it isn’t disclosed they participated in the review program.”

Whatever Huawei’s reasons may be for committing to such tactics, the Chinese manufacturer will need to improve the way it attempts to sell its devices, not that it needs to, given its current position.