Samsung’s ISOCELL dual software could revolutionise cameras on mid-range phones

Samsung ISOCELL Dual Software

Samsung’s latest announcement is all about its ISOCELL Dual Software that could do the trick for cameras on mid-range smartphones. The dual camera solution is a combination of camera hardware and sensor-optimized software algorithms that could strengthen the adoption of dual lens camera setup on mid-range phones.

The dual lens camera setup on an affordable smartphone is quite a lengthy process for the OEMs as it includes both software and sensor optimization. With its new ISOCELL Dual Software, Samsung is aiming at helping other manufacturers and make the process simpler. The technology includes two image sensors alongside an integrated software algorithm that is touted by the maker to bring seamless support for low-light shots and depth adjustment.

The new software by Samsung amalgamates the depth of field algorithm for 13MP+5MP sensors and the low light algorithm with 8MP+8MP sensors. It means that the smartphones with 13MP+5MP sensors will allow capturing images in bokeh while 8MP+8MP sensors will offer better low-light shots.

Samsung’s ISOCELL family: ISOCELL Bright, ISOCELL Fast, and ISOCELL Slim

Digging more about the ISOCELL Dual, it is a new addition to Samsung’s family of camera sensors and their in-house ISOCELL technology. It works by confining each pixel with a physical wall. The setup reduces color cross among pixels and this delivering accurate color output. It also means that the images captured with these new sensors will offer more realistic production.

Moreover, Samsung’s family of sensors also includes ISOCELL Bright, which is a combination of four pixels into one big pixel that can capture better exposure to offer detailed shots. The other sensors are ISOCELL Fast and ISOCELL Slim, with former geared with recording capability for full HD videos at 480fps while the latter provides a 24MP sensor clubbed with a 0.9-micron pixel size. These sensors are most likely to suit flagships and mid-range devices.

ISOCELL Dual Software: Dual camera setup on more affordable phones

As we all know, dual camera setup is no longer limited to premium devices. Affordable smartphones like the Huawei’s Honor 7X, Xiaomi’s Mi A1, and Motorola’s Moto G5s Plus feature dual camera sensors with optical zoom, depth adjustment, Bokeh effect, and more. Now, with Samsung’s ISOCELL Dual Software, we may see more affordable phones adopting dual camera sensors as the OEMs will no longer need to spend extra bucks on algorithm optimization.

ISOCELL Dual Software: More info at Galaxy S9 launch event

We are expecting to hear more about Samsung’s ISOCELL Dual Software at the Galaxy S9 launch event in Barcelona on February 25. Stay tuned with us to know more about it.

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