Galaxy S9+ could be arriving in a very high capacity storage model

Galaxy S9 Plus could be arriving in a very high capacity storage model

Samsung will be promoting the features of its Galaxy S9+ and selling it for a higher price tag because it will be sporting features that its smaller brother, the Galaxy S9, will not. One of those features is the dual-camera setup at its rear, which can give the user a variety of advantages in several image and video-capturing situations.

The second one is going to be battery life. The larger screen size of the Galaxy S9+ will dictate that it will sport a bigger battery and hence grant the user extended periods of battery life, which is something that users of the Galaxy S9 might not be able to enjoy often. The list of exclusive upgrades also includes 6GB of RAM on the Galaxy S9+, and possibly more internal storage.

Galaxy S9+ could arriving bearing 256GB internal storage

Roland Quandt, a reporter from, has shared an image where it is shown a particular Galaxy S9 Plus model to feature 256GB of internal storage. According to various rumours and information channels, the internal storage for both models would range from 64GB to 128GB and if you wanted more memory, there would be a microSD card slot for storage expansion.

However, purchasing a high-capacity, reliable and fast microSD card means that you will end up spending more money on add-ons and this might not be advantageous because storage card speeds can never exceed the read and write thresholds of the UFS 2.1 storage present in the Galaxy S9+.

Both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ have also been rumoured to get 4K 60FPS video recording and that will require you to have an abundant amount of storage, and fast at that. If you like capturing super-high-resolution footage on your Galaxy S9+, then it would pay dividends if you end up getting the 256GB model.

The problem is that neither Samsung nor the source have not confirmed if this model is actually going to be released, or if it is going to remain limited to certain smartphone markets such as China or South Korea. Looks like we will find out in a few days.