Orient Aerostorm Review: Lives up to its name


Do you know what sets apart a stylish living room from a poorly kept one? There are various factors, but one element is crucial: the ceiling fan. A stylish, quiet, efficient fan is almost synonymous with good housekeeping and that is what sets the standard for a classy home. We’ve all been in homes that have a rickety, noisy fan in the room that just affects the character of the place. But times are clearly changing as you see more awareness about stylish interiors among Indian homeowners today.

But it’s not just the living room, let’s take a look at another common issue — a noisy fan in the bedroom. Even when you sleep, a noisy fan can be incredibly annoying. Years of listening to one might have a Pavlovian effect on you, lulling you to sleep, but switch to a room with a silent, powerful fan to truly understand what we mean. I don’t think a rusty, creaky fan appeals to anyone but film noir directors who know exactly how much drama it can add to a scene.

We were recently invited to an event by Orient Electric, a company that understands these issues well. After all, Orient has been in the fan business since the ‘60s. It’s a reputed name and a usually the default choice for most homeowners when it’s time to buy a fan for your home. We were curious to see what the company would launch as a follow up the beautiful Aeroquiet fan, which left us truly impressed. You can read more about our thoughts on the Aeroquiet ceiling fan here.

In short, we were present for the launch event where we were introduced to the Orient Aerostorm, a fan that harnesses technologies that you would never expect to be in your house (much less a part of your ceiling fan) to deliver strongly on two fronts — powerful airflow, and a noise-free experience. Read on to see how the company has managed to achieve all this and deliver a mind-blowing product.

Orient Aerostorm - Lives up to its name

Orient Aerostorm: Rethinking the basics

It’s funny that we as a nation (that’s bang in the tropics to boot) give such little thought to ceiling fans. It’s a fact that we don’t realize what we need until someone gives it to us. And Orient did just that with its Aero series. In fact, it did more than just give a passing thought, and instead spent a considerable amount of time and a small fortune on improving the very underlying technology behind the humble ceiling fan. This came from a conviction that the ceiling fan could and must be further improved, which is why Orient went back to the drawing board to rethink the appliance. Even then, the company didn’t come up with just cosmetic changes. It’s pretty clear that Orient had more ambitious goals in mind because it could’ve rested on the laurels of the highly successful Aeroquiet, but it took the more arduous path of spending even more time and money on the Aerostorm.

Here’s an impressive fact about the new Aerostorm ceiling fan: it delivers 300CMM (cubic metres per minute) of air. And why exactly is that impressive? Because your average ceiling can only deliver about 230 to 240CMM. The fact that the Aerostorm can go up to 300RPM and deliver this kind of output without busting our eardrums is the real magic behind the product. And these aren’t empty platitudes. We say this after spending time in a high-tech demo room, where we could compare the Aerostorm to a standard ceiling fan. The difference in noise levels was significant. The Aerostorm was faster and quieter.

So how exactly did Orient Electric create the Aerostorm? Let’s take a closer look at the technology behind it.

Orient Aerostorm - Lives up to its name

Orient Aerostorm: The Technology

The spinning blades of a fan create a pressure difference that creates a vortex of fast-moving air. This, in turn, causes the blades and the surrounding air to vibrate. Orient has solved this issue with a seemingly simple solution inspired by aircraft wing design – winglets on the blades of the fan. Winglets themselves aren’t new as they’ve been used in Formula 1 and MotoGP for donkey’s years now, but it is rather innovative on Orient’s part to integrate them into the blades of a ceiling fan.

On the Aerostorm, the winglets direct the air away from the blades efficiently from a high pressure to a low-pressure zone. This directly addresses the vortex issue, therefore significantly reducing the racket associated with high flow rate fans. Another impressive feature of the Aerostorm is the redesigned blades themselves. The company took another lesson from aircraft wings by introducing an aerofoil design in the Aerostorm’s blades, which aids in improved airflow and delivery. The result is a gentle yet powerful air delivery from the Aerostorm, which offers a sweep of 1320mm (52 inches). The fan is powered by an energy-efficient 18-pole motor that promises both durability and long life.

Orient also chose to use fibreglass for the blades, moving away from the traditional clunky and heavy metal construction. This basically translates into more power efficiency thanks to less weight. The blades are easier to clean and you won’t face issues like the blades bending when you wipe them. And of course, the fibreglass blades are rust-proof, so it will retain its good looks indefinitely.

Orient Aerostorm: Design and Aesthetics

So we know that the Aerostorm offers excellent form, but how is it on the design front? Well as the images clearly indicate, Orient hasn’t compromised on the styling of the fan at all, keeping in mind the requirements of Indian customers. The winglets offer a sleek look to the fan and they’re complemented by the seamless link between the blades and motor housing. The fan has a glossy, premium finish thanks to the polyurethane paint job.

The design theme of the Aerostorm is minimalist. The fan is currently available only in white but it should be available in the other colour schemes that are part of the Aero series soon enough.

Orient Aerostorm- Lives up to its name

Orient Aerostorm: Verdict

“Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.” — James Thurber.

I couldn’t come up with a better quote that would describe the fan. This quote nicely sums up the philosophy behind the Aerostorm because the company believes that the fan should do its job efficiently without drawing attention to itself. We appreciate the direction that Orient Electric is working towards, continuously evolving with technology and staying tuned to the needs of its customers.

The Orient Aerostorm is available for a price of ₹5,990. You can check out the official product page here.