Xiaomi launches its flagship Mi Home Experience Store in Chennai


Today, Xiaomi has launched the Mi Home Experience Store in Chennai. The store is located on the first level at Phoenix Mall. According to Manu Jain, the Managing Director for Xiaomi India, the Mi Home Experience Store in Chennai is their flagship store. Unlike the traditional Mi Stores, which only have the products on display that Xiaomi has launched in India, the Mi Home Experience Store in Chennai has all the products on display that Xiaomi sells worldwide. Additionally, one can also purchase the products that Xiaomi has launched in India, from the store.

According to Xiaomi, the Mi Home Experience Store will give a first-hand experience to the users of all the smart products that the company sells worldwide. Xiaomi says that the Mi Home Experience Store in Chennai will help them in changing their ‘smartphone brand’ image in India. The store has tons of products on display, starting with the smaller gadgets, the store has Mi and Redmi smartphones, Mi Laptops, headphones, power banks, VR sets, Bluetooth speakers, wall chargers, car chargers, and Mi bands. As for the lifestyle products, the store has products like Mi Electric Scooter, Mi Pens, Mi Sunglasses, Mi Sphere camera, Mi Robot Builder, Ninebot Plus, Mi QiCycle, weighing machine, shoes, air purifiers, and water purifiers.

Interestingly, the Mi Home Experience Store in Chennai also has a laser engraving machine, which is capable of engraving any image on the metal surface. The representatives from Xiaomi demonstrated the laser engraving machine by engraving an image on the back of a Redmi Note 5 smartphone. From the information we’ve gathered, anyone visiting the store can engrave an image on a smartphone or a power bank for free. Although, it will be free only until Xiaomi finalises the charges. The store will be officially opened for public from tomorrow, i.e. 1st March 2018.

Here are the five products that we liked in the Mi Home Experience Store

Mi Robot Vacuum

The Mi Robot Vacuum is a connected, automatic vacuum cleaner. The Mi Robot Vacuum automatically creates a virtual map of your house/premise once it starts cleaning, and it even charges automatically. Currently, there are very few connected, automatic vacuum cleaners in India, and we think this product would do great in the Indian market.

Mi Induction Pressure Rice Cooker

The Mi Rice Cooker is another interesting product from Xiaomi; it can automatically set the temperature and time required for the rice to cook by just scanning the barcode on the rice packet. The Mi Rice Cooker has a 3-litre capacity, and it can go up to 105-degree Celsius temperature. According to Xiaomi, the Mi Rice Cooker will do great in the India market, as rice is a major part of the Indian diet.

Mi Bedside

The Mi Bedside is a small, cylindrical-shaped bedside light. The Mi Bedside has 16 million colour customisation and 360-degree lighting. I personally have one Mi Bedside light, which I imported from China, and it looks beautiful.

Mi Laptop

The Mi Laptop is one of the best Windows laptops. The Mi Laptop comes with a metal chassis, Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors, USB Type-C ports, NVMe storage, and a comfortable keypad. Although the Mi Laptop hasn’t been launched in India, it is the most demanded product from the Indian consumers.

Mi Water Purifier

The Mi Water Purifier is a beautiful looking water purifier. The Mi Water Purifier has 1.4L/min flow, and real-time quality monitoring. Water purifiers are a must product in the Indian houses, and we think if the Mi Water Purifier launches in India, it will be an instant hit.