Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could have the largest battery in its series

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 biggest battery

Samsung does not use a whole lot of large batteries in its high-end phone lineup and the Galaxy Note 8 is one example where the company had missed a great opportunity, given its 6.3-inch display. Things might end up being different with the Galaxy Note 9 because a rumor claims that the phablet might have the biggest battery capacity to be seen ever in a Galaxy Note series.

Right now, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus offer lower battery life figures over their predecessors, which is a downgrade. However, here is where the Galaxy Note 9 could take a different step completely. The rumour claims that the Note 9 will have a 3,850mAh battery capacity, making it 550mAh larger than the capacity of the Galaxy Note 8. There is also something else that the rumour pointed out and those details have been laid out as follows.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor

According to a Samsung insider (who goes by @UniverseIce on Twitter), the Galaxy Note 9 will feature a different way of unlocking your device; through an in-screen fingerprint reader. Rumours are subjected to a lot of change with the passage of time, so earlier where it was reported that the Note 9 might not feature an in-screen fingerprint reader, the leakster now claims that it will, in fact, get this little, but important change.

Samsung will employ Super AMOLED screen technology on the upcoming phone which means that only the Synaptics variant of the in-glass fingerprint reader can be used beneath the display of the Galaxy Note 9. Perhaps a new company emerges that introduces a faster scanner, which will attract Samsung’s attention. If it does end up being present on the smartphone then it will be an exciting change to look forward to and also give buyers an extremely convenient way of unlocking their smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Specifications, Features

Samsung could make this the best Galaxy Note ever. Though the Galaxy Note 9 might get the same 6.3-inch QHD+ display (2960×1440 resolution), you never know when some last-minute decisions are introduced. The display is where we might see the biggest change ever, with the Note 9 featuring an impressive 4K+ display.

If Samsung follows the same 18.5:9 aspect ratio like it has with all of its devices that feature the Infinity Display, it would mean that the phone will have a resolution of 4440×2160. That is a lot of pixels but at the same time, the Note 9 is also getting a battery capacity to back that up.

A user will obviously be able to reduce the resolution to conserve battery life but you’ve got to admit that everything ranging from the images, videos, and games will look stunning on such a screen if they are running on the native resolution.

An Exynos 9810 and Snapdragon 845 featured with 6GB of RAM seem the most obvious choices for internal specifications for the Galaxy Note 9. A dual-camera with a 1.2Gbps LTE modem can also be seen. Video recording support will be retained at 4K @ 60FPS but unlike the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, the Note 9 might not end up overheating and reduce the resolution as a consequence.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Pricing, Release Date

The Galaxy Note 9 could get a $900 price tag for the base storage model, bringing us to an unconfirmed price of Rs. 58,567.50. Samsung could once again try to announce the flagship before Apple shows off three new iPhones during September. To get a bigger hold of the market, the Galaxy Note 9 could start taking pre-orders as early as August, releasing the phones at the start of September.

What exciting new features are you hoping from the best Galaxy Note ever?

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