Orient Aerocool Review: The All-rounder


I don’t exaggerate when I say that Orient Electric is probably the only Indian home appliance manufacturer that puts in a genuine effort and generous funding towards gainful research and development. The Aero series of ceiling fans from the company is the best example of this fact. For decades, the Indian market has been saturated by mediocre fans marred by the sort of complacency that makes the entire range of offerings look like bad carbon copies of equally uninspiring originals.

Efficiency through Aerospace Technology

But then comes Orient Electric and introduces the ground-breaking concept of introducing aerodynamic engineering and design into its ceiling fan range. And this instantly makes one think why this hasn’t been done before. After all, just by optimising aerodynamics at the design stage, you stand to significantly increase the airflow and efficiency, while decreasing noise and vibration. All this is achieved, without even making any changes to the motor or other electricals within the fan design.

However, Orient’s Aero series goes beyond aerodynamics and leverages high-tech polymers and sophisticated motor design to further elevate the humble ceiling fan to the sophistication of aerospace engineering. To know more about how Orient Electric has cleverly implemented aerodynamic design and wind-tunnel testing into a ceiling fan, you might want to take a gander at our Orient Aeroquiet ceiling fan review. Since then, Orient has added two new variants in the Aero series – the Aerostorm (read review here) and Aerocool ceiling fans.

These three Orient Aero series fans are primarily categorised in terms of airflow and quietness, with the Aeroquiet being more focused on delivering air in a silent fashion and therefore suitable for installation in bedrooms and home theatre or dedicated entertainment rooms. The Aerostorm, on the other hand, is engineered to deliver maximum airflow with excellent dispersion characteristics. The primary difference being, while the Aerostorm delivers greater airflow and better dispersion compared to the Aeroquiet, it isn’t as whisper quiet as its silent sibling. It is, therefore, more suitable in living rooms where a single fan is expected to deliver enough airflow to cool a large room, even while ensuring those seated on the periphery receive enough cool air.

Aerocool: A Balance Between Silence and Power

The Aerocool is the third variant in the Aero series that bridges the gap between the Aeroquiet and Aerostorm models. The Aerocool ceiling fan borrows design and engineering cues from both Aeroquiet and Aerostorm, to deliver a fine balance between airflow, dispersion, and silent operation. The Aerocool fan is positioned at users who seek stronger airflow without compromising on silent operation.

The aerodynamically engineered ceiling fan achieves this by borrowing winglet design from the Aerostorm fan. This is the same sort of aerofoil design found in modern aircraft wings featuring winglets. These winglets allow the fan blades to reduce air friction, vibration, and therefore eliminate much of the noise evident at higher operating speeds. What you have here is a sophisticated fan blade design that leverages aerodynamics to cut down operating noise.

The Aerocool also incorporates a hybrid fan blade design, where the angle of attack changes across the length of the blade. The fan blades exhibit a shallower angle of attack at the tips, with the angle of attack increasing proportionally as you travel towards the centre. This is done to offset the decreased linear velocity of the blade towards the centre. While traditional fan designs generate most of the airflow from the tip of the fan blades, the unique aerodynamically enhanced fan blades of the Aerocool utilise the entire length of the fan blades to generate a great deal of airflow. The winglets, meanwhile, ensure reduced wind noise.

Performance Through High Quality Composite Materials

Aerodynamic design is one thing, the Aerocool achieves industry leading performance and refinement by employing the best materials available. Unlike older ceiling fans that use heavy metal blades, the Aerocool employs ABS plastic compound reinforced with glass. This allows the blades to be lighter as well as stiffer, thereby increasing power efficiency, speed, and airflow while reducing vibration at the same time. The curved blade design also allows the blades to possess a larger surface area, which directly results in greater airflow and reduced power consumption.

The motor hub exudes quality and this can be verified simply by the virtue of lifting it. The heavy construction points to the presence of plenty of copper winding and higher quality capacitors and transformers – all of which are markers of a quality motor and power delivery unit. This efficient unit delivers a whopping 300 cubic metres per minute (CMM) of airflow at a power consumption of just 72 watts. To put this into perspective, that’s twice the airflow compared to the 155CMM capacity of an average ceiling fan.

The Aerocool achieves this feat by employing a strong 18-pole induction motor that delivers a large amount of torque. This, when combined with the fan blades’ aggressive angle of attack, delivers increased airflow at lower maximum rotation speeds of 300rpm. That achieving greater airflow at lower speeds to increase performance while also minimising vibrations and noise at the same time. In effect, the Aerocool cools its surroundings by striking a fine balance between power and refinement.

The Smart Choice

At a maximum retail price of ₹5290, the Orient Aerocool ceiling fan pays for itself through the continued savings in your monthly electricity bills. What’s more, the impressive dispersion characteristics of the fan ensure that it delivers uniform airflow even in the corners of the room. Where one would need to fit two regular fans in large living rooms, you can get away with a single Aerocool fan for the entire room.

Power and efficiency are one thing, but a ceiling fan should also look classy. The Orient Aerocool achieves just that with its sexy all-white, high-gloss PU finish running across the monolithic design that blends the motor hub and fan blades into a single unit. By bridging the gap between the silent Aeroquiet and powerful Aerostorm ceiling fans, the Aerocool takes the best from both these models to be versatile enough to be placed in any part of the house. It’s quite enough for the bedroom, while packing enough power to cool an entire living room. Click here to know more about the Orient Aerocool fan and purchase it online.