Jio Prime Membership Free Renewal Notification Not Visible in MyJio App? Check This Solution


As the news surfaced recently, the Jio Prime subscription has expired for all the users. However, as Reliance always does, the company announced that it will still remain free for another year for the users who have paid at least once for the service. The pre-requisite to avail this offer is that the Jio users should apply for the Jio Prime free renewal manually as it is not credited to the users automatically.

Now, keeping in mind that Jio boasts 175 million users across India, it is a given that all the traffic will cause glitches when they try to renew their Prime subscription. And as it has begun already, some of the users who have paid for the Rs. 99 subscription, are not seeing the membership extension option on their MyJio app. However, there seems to be a workaround this glitch, keep reading to know how you can get the option on the MyJio app.

Jio Prime Membership Free Renewal: How to make it visible in MyJio App

To make the banner visible in MyJio app, all that a user needs to do is to “force quit” the app and use the 4G data of your Jio number on streaming videos for at least 15 minutes. It must be noted that the videos must be streamed on the phone using the Jio number’s data whose membership you want to renew. After completing 15 minutes of watching videos and force closing the MyJio app, open the app again and log in using the same Jio number, you will now be able to see the banner message asking you to renew Jio Prime membership.

Jio Prime Membership Free Renewal: How to renew Prime membership

After spotting the membership renewal banner in MyJio app, users will just need to tap on the “Get Now” button in the banner and follow the process presented after that. It will show a message stating that Jio is extending the subscription for another year with numbers registered in your name below it. Now, you will just have to select the numbers whose membership you’re intending to renew. After selecting the numbers, tap on the proceed option. The subscription will be renewed within hours of proceeding with the renewal process.

To recall, Jio Prime was launched by the operator last year to offer users with an affordable service after ending its free services. It is worth noting that Prime membership is required even for recharging the Jio SIM card. So, if you had paid the Prime fee of Rs. 99 for the Prime membership, then you can extend the service for another year without spending any more money. However, for the ones who had not paid the prime fee, the extension of the service will cost money.

Jio Prime Membership: For New Users

New Jio users can seize this opportunity to be a part if the Prime Membership. All they need to do is to install the MyJio app and click on the banner asking to sign up for the Prime Membership. They will then need to follow the procedure and then pay a one-time fee of Rs. 99. After completing the process, they will get the confirmation message.

Jio Prime Membership: Features

The Jio Prime subscription plan was launched with the idea of offering cheaper services after the operator ended its free services across the country. At the time it was launch, the offer was available for the existing 100 million users, but was also open to the ones who join Jio network before March 31, 2017. Jio Prime subscription was priced at Rs. 99 per year, but for availing data benefits, users were required to pay Rs. 303 per month for a year. The Jio Prime subscription offered 1GB daily 4G data for a year along with free media and content by Jio apps and partner service providers. The member are offered unlimited access to more than 550 Live TV Channels, songs, magazines, and e-newspapers.