Snapdragon 710 to be the first Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 series chipset

Snapdragon 710 is the first SoC belonging to the Snapdragon 700 family: Specs, features, release date

Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 700 series of chipsets for smartphones during the MWC 2018 trade show, but it failed to provide any further details on which models names would be arriving to new phones. Without the company having to provide us the details, we know that the Snapdragon 710 is going to be the first chipset belonging to this series.

Roland Quandt has revealed through his Twitter handle that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 is first chipset belonging to the latest iteration and features the name SDM710. While technically, the Snapdragon 710 is going to be a mid-range chipset, it is going to be present in a higher class of mid-range smartphones, which will be a league above those that feature the Snapdragon 600 series of silicon.

Snapdragon 710: Aimed At better AI Performance, Efficiency Than Snapdragon 600 Series

Apart from the official name and model number, the Snapdragon 710 does not include any specifications at this point. Luckily, Qualcomm was kind enough to state that while its latest Snapdragon 700 series will not be as powerful as the latest Snapdragon 845 and previous-generation Snapdragon 835, which are currently available for premium smartphones, there will be other benefits.

For example, it will be aimed to bridge the gap between the Snapdragon 800 and 600 series in a lot of categories. Qualcomm also says that it is going to be introducing a newer set of architectures for the CPU, GPU, and ISP. The Adreno 600 series GPU architecture has proven to be quite capable and we are sure that we’ll be seeing even better architecture in affordable smartphones in the near future. Details are quite insignificant at this point, to the extent that Qualcomm has not even provided us a shipping date.

Snapdragon 710 To Take On Exynos 9610?

The company’s 7nm Snapdragon 855 is scheduled to be arriving during the month of December, so while it has not been confirmed, we might see more details from the Snapdragon 700 series during the later months of 2018. Recently, Samsung announced its Exynos 9610, and it has also been reported that the Exynos 9820 is under development for the next Galaxy flagship.

The announcement of the Exynos 9610 shows that Samsung is also desperate to get ahead of Qualcomm so the Snapdragon 710 might actually turn out to be a promising chipset of the future.

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