Inverter AC Technology Explained: How Voltas All Star Inverter ACs Help You Save Money


Pennywise, pound foolish might be the most cliched adage out there, but it suits perfectly when you are presented a choice to buy an Air Conditioner. While the initial cost of an inverter AC is more than a fixed speed AC, they end up being significantly cost-effective through the course of their product lifetime. The Inverter AC reduces power consumption by maintaining an ideal temperature without frequently turning the compressor on or off.

However, the economy isn’t the only reason why inverter ACs should be preferred. It also operates in different capacities based on the cooling requirements of the room by varying the compressor speed which leads to maximum comfort.

Let’s take a look at what makes inverter ACs tick, by exploring the best example of this technology in the form of the Voltas All Star Inverter ACs.

How Does an AC Work?

Before we get to how an inverter AC works, let’s take a quick look at how a regular AC works. A split AC unit works by circulating refrigerant through a closed loop of copper tube. The tube within the indoor unit is known as the evaporator coil, which contains the refrigerant flowing through it in the form of a cold vapour that absorbs the heat within the room. The refrigerant then flows to the outdoor condenser unit where the compressor pressurises it to change from vapour to liquid, with the ensuing phase change allowing the refrigerant to dump heat effectively into the outside air through the condenser coil. As it’s clearly apparent, most of the cooling takes place due to the phase change of the refrigerant brought upon by the compressor.

Fixed Speed ACs: Like a Car With too Many Start – Stop Stages

In case of regular fixed speed ACs, when you set a certain comfortable temperature, the compressor works at full power draw until the room reaches the right temperature. The AC continues to cool the room until the temperature reaches the user selected set level. Then the AC switches off the compressor, until the temperature increases above the threshold of comfort. And then the compressor is again restarted at full power, and this continues ad infinitum and ad nauseam. Thus, this leads to higher power consumption during the runtime of an AC.

A good analogy would be to imagine a car where you would have to start & stop the engine too many times during its runtime which would lead to less optimum consumption of fuel. Hence, proving to be more expensive during its product lifetime.

Inverter ACs: It’s All About Granular Control

However, an Inverter AC fundamentally differs in how they control the compressor and the overall power delivery to the AC unit. Coming back to the car analogy, imagine the same car, albeit with a mechanism to control the speed depending on the traffic conditions and has at most a single start-stop stage during its entire runtime. This would lead to optimum consumption of fuel and you laugh all the way to the bank. That pretty much describes an Inverter AC, which has a variable speed compressor, operates at different capacities based on cooling requirements.

Instead of switching the compressor intermittently on and off, the Inverter AC can vary the speed of the compressor motor according to the cooling need. This way, it can reach the pre-set temperature quicker and simply reduce the compressor speed to maintain the temperature. Because the compressor isn’t forced to work at full power draw all the time, the inverter technology allows AC to vary their tonnage (capacity) according to the immediate cooling need of the room.

However, Voltas All Star Inverter ACs are one notch above regular Inverter ACs. It works on a unique “Two Stage Steady Cool Compressor” technology which has two-stage expansion of the refrigerant under two-stage compression which gives consistent cooling & more savings. Moreover, unlike other Inverter ACs, all the motors in a Voltas Inverter AC work on DC principle (5D DC Motor technology), which further aids in a reduction in power consumption.

It means reduced electricity bills, lesser cost of ownership and complete peace of mind for you. So, be smart and choose a Voltas All Star Inverter AC this summer season.

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