Airtel Launched Rs. 219 Recharge Pack to take on Jio: Offers 1.4GB Data Per Day, Hello Tunes for 28 Days

Airtel has launched a new Rs. 219 recharge pack aimed at users who love Hello Tunes. The plan offers unlimited Hello Tunes subscription along with other benefits.


Reliance Jio’s arrival in the telecom industry in India turned out to be more than just turbulence for other telcos. Although Airtel, Vodafone, and others have tried to come closer to Jio when it comes to offering affordable 4G data and pack, they are still not able to match the level of affordability that Jio offers to its subscribers. Now, Airtel seems to be making another move towards competing with Jio by launching new Rs. 219 pack for prepaid users.

Airtel Rs. 219 Recharge Pack: 4G Data, Unlimited Calls, and Other Benefits

The latest Rs. 219 plan from Airtel is aimed at wooing the subscribers who like to set caller tunes. While Jio has been offering caller tune services free, Airtel is providing unlimited Hello Tuned service with its Rs. 219 recharge pack, which means that users can change their caller tunes an infinite number of times when they recharge with this pack. The validity of this pack is 28 days.

Airtel 219 plan

In addition to the unlimited Hello Tunes service, the latest Rs. 219 recharge pack from Airtel also offers unlimited local and STD calls, free roaming, up to 100 SMSes per day, and seamless access to Airtel TV app. Concerning 4G data, this pack offers 1.4GB 3G/4G data per day for 28 days. The total 4G data included in the pack is 39.2GB, which is capped at 1.4GB every day. The Rs. 219 plan from Airtel can be availed through the My Airtel app or website.

Airtel Rs. 219 Recharge Pack vs Jio Rs. 149 and Rs.198 Packs

Airtel’s Rs. 219 plan comes close to Reliance Jio’s Rs. 149 and Rs. 198 recharge packs. The Rs. 149 plan offered by Jio includes 1.5GB data per day for a validity period of 28 days along with free voice calling and up to 100 SMSes per day. Jio’s Rs. 198 plan, on the other hand, takes the lead over Airtel’s 219 plan when it comes to daily 4G data offering, it offers a total of 56GB 4G data which is capped at 2GB data per day. In contrast, Airtel’s Rs. 219 pack includes a total of 39.2GB 4G data, which is capped at 1.4GB every day.

We can say that Jio’s Rs. 198 recharge pack is better than Airtel’s latest Rs. 219 plan as it offers more 4G data.

Airtel Rs. 199 Recharge Pack: 4G Data and Benefits

Airtel also has Rs. 199 plan, which is quite identical to its latest Rs. 219 plan, except that it does not include unlimited Hello Tunes services. It also offers a total 39.2GB of 4G data, which is capped at 1.4GB per day along with free voice calling, roaming, and up to 100 SMSes per day. This plan also acts as an alternative for the Rs. 219 plan, especially for those who don’t like setting caller tunes on their numbers.

Besides, Airtel had recently launched two new Rs. 249 and Rs. 349 recharge packs geared with more 4G data. The Rs. 249 recharge pack includes 2GB data per day, which means that it has a total data of 56GB and is capping it at 2GB per day for a validity period of 28 days. The Rs. 349 recharge pack from the company offers 3GB data per day, which means that it includes 84GB 4G data in total and is capping it at 3GB per day.

Airtel has also revised its existing Rs. 549 and Rs. 799 recharge packs recently. The upgraded packs include more data benefits. The Rs. 549 prepaid recharge plan now offers 3.5GB of 4G data per day while the Rs. 799 pack now offers 4GB of 4G data per day.