Anker announced new affordable speakers and headphones: Specs, Price, Availability


Soundcore, Anker’s audio brand, has announced more than a dozen of headphones and speakers for spring and sunny weather. The new line-up consists of solid audio products at affordable prices. And, most of the devices stand out for their battery life which is the USP of Anker as a brand.

Space NC Headphones: Specs, Price, Availability

These are the noise cancellation headphones that come with over-ear cushions. The headphones have 40mm dynamic drivers and a wireless battery life of 20 hours with noise cancellation running. The noise cancellation feature is not absolute, as claimed. You might only record a little difference between having it off and on. However, it works perfectly if you are flying dead tired.

Priced at $99.99, Space NC is a good enough deal. However, there are better noise cancellation headphones in the market, The Space NC go on sale from May 14th on Walmart and Brookstone, and will be available on Amazon by the end of May.

Flare and Flare+ Bluetooth Speakers: Specs, Price, Availability

Anker Flare Plus

Ignore the petite size, these Bluetooth speakers can be paired up to blast sound with decent bass, enough to fill up a large room. Tagged as IPX7 water resistant, you can take them out to a beach or a pool. They even light up on the bottom and change patterns and colors, upon toggling. Flare speakers come in black, grey, blue or red. The Flare+ boasts louder sound than the Flare and is claimed to last for 20 playtime hours.

The Flare speakers are priced at $59.99 and will come to Amazon on May 7th and hit Walmart on May 14th. But, you will have to wait for Flare+ til August. They come with a price tag of $99.99.

Spirit Series Earbuds: Specs, Price, Availability

Adding to its sports audio offerings, Anker has come up with new earbuds with an extra sweat protection coating. According to the company, this is necessary because sweat corrodes metal over time. The Spirit series consists of three pairs of earbuds with varying prices and battery lives. The Spirit is in-ear while the Spirit X has hooks, but both of them sell for $39.99. And finally, we have the Spirit Pro, that boasts a louder sound owing to a Qualcomm chip and has a battery life of 10 hours. This piece sells for $49.99.

Liberty Lite Wireless Earbuds: Specs, Price, Availability

These are yet another shot from Anker at taking on Apple’s AirPods, but with an affordable price tag. A supposed spin-off of Anker’s Zolo Liberty wireless earbuds, these are comparatively cheaper and are expected to get a battery life of 3.5 hours per charge. They will be out on June 18th and will cost $69

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