Pimax unveils Knuckles Controller, compatible with SteamVR 2.0


A new knuckle style controller was unveiled by Pimax, on the 24th of April. The controller is designed to operate with the new VR hardware that the company has been developing. Pimax seem to have taken a leaf out of Valve’s book, who had also recently shared to have been developing knuckle controllers as well, which still remain unreleased. The controller is expected to accompany the Pimax 8K VR system that is under development.

Pimax Knuckles Controller: How Does it Work?

The controller lets you use all five fingers as against most current controllers that only let you use two fingers. The controller is to be strapped onto your hand and provides an “open palm” experience according to Pimax. The point of the controller is that it lets you interact in the VR environment in a more natural way than you would with a normal controller. Similar to Valve’s Knuckles, Pixam’s controller is also fitted in with capacitive sensors across five major areas on it, which provides the means for tracking movement and activity.

The controller straps to the back of your hand and also has grip buttons to the left side of the controllers, which can be accessed by the middle finger. Similarly a circular control pad is in place which can be accessed by the thumbs which can be used to manage the trackpad menu. The device is expected to be compatible for SteamVR 1.0 as well 2.0 tracking standards, according to Pimax. The controller is designed to keep your hand movement natural and also features comfortable design that doesn’t cause any strain on your fingers.

Pimax had previously released images and designs of prototypes of controllers they intended to build for the 8K VR system, but now the controller doesn’t even closely resemble its previous prototypes and instead Pimax have opted to go in for the knuckle style controller.

On the other hand, Pimax has also been constantly postponing the release of the 8K VR set due to various technical issues and now with this new controller in place, we can expect them to release the headset very soon.


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