Lenovo teases a Vivo APEX-like phone with a 95% screen-to-body ratio

Lenovo teases a Vivo APEX-like phone with a 95% screen-to-body ratio feature

No matter how much we have tried, allowing smartphones to become completely bezel-less is still a distant reality. The iPhone X (review) came close, but that darn notch always got in the way. Perhaps the only device that has come the closest is the Vivo APEX, but Lenovo might announce something in the future that will be able to achieve the thinnest of bezels in a smartphone.

According to the company’s Vice President Chang Cheng, he presented a teaser image to fans and asked them to guess the screen-to-body ratio of the smartphone. Later on, the answer landed on 95%. This means that the upcoming phone from Lenovo could be virtually bezel-less and look similar to the Vivo APEX.

Lenovo Bezel-Less Smartphone: Teaser

The smart thing that the teaser has shown is the top part of the smartphone, which has virtually no bezels. From what we can tell, this is going to be a flagship because the level of engineering and production costs that goes into making such devices is very high so obviously Lenovo is not going to just fill it up with low-end specifications and be done with it.

It is also not confirmed if the phone will have a notch or not. From what can be seen in the teaser, it does not look like the notch is going to be present. However, it was mentioned that the phone was going to be unveiled on June 14, so there is a bit longer than a month remaining for the flagship to get announced, so next month we will be able to see what the company has been working on.

At this stage, we can only think of the Snapdragon 845 powering the smartphone, as there is pretty much nothing else that Lenovo can choose to place in a high-end device with unless it has its own dedicated chip-manufacturing division. We will also get to see if the phone features a chin or not because most manufacturers take this design route too.




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