Internet Daily: Yahoo’s Squirrel, Twitter’s message encryption, WhatsApp PIP, Google Assistant Calling feature, Match vs Facebook Dating


Today’s internet daily is all about social media platforms and messaging apps. Starting with the messaging apps, Yahoo has launched a group chat app named Squirrel, and Twitter is testing encrypted direct messages, while the current market leader in messaging, WhatsApp has bought the PIP support in its iOS app. As for the social media, Facebook recently announced its dating feature, which the Match Group Inc. says might not affect its business. Lastly, Google has bought calling feature in the Google Assistant. Below are the details. 

Yahoo’s Squirrel: Group Chatting App

Yahoo has launched a group messaging app named Squirrel, which is currently available on Play Store and App Store. The Squirrel is currently operating on an invite-only basis, so to use it you must have an invite. The Squirrel is mainly focused on group chat, although the individual messaging is available too.

The Squirrel will have separate chat rooms for specific people, and there will also be one main room where the entire group can message. The Squirrel has secret conversation option, where a limited number of people can exchange messages. The app has a mute function if you don’t wish to receive the notifications, and there is also the Burst feature, where the app will send notifications when the person is mentioned, even if the chat is muted. The app also has an option to send images, audios, videos, and other documents and files.

Looking at all its features, the app looks more oriented towards business group chats, which means that it will compete directly with the likes of Slack, and Discord. The Squirrel is under testing, and its public release date hasn’t been revealed yet.

Twitter’s encrypted direct messages

The latest Android APK of Twitter shows that the company might soon launch end-to-end encryption in its messaging functionality. The end-to-end encryption feature will make sure that no third person can view messages even by hacking into the system. The encrypted messaging feature was first discovered by Jane Manchun Wong. According to the reports, the feature is currently named as ‘Secret Conversations’.

Twitter Encrypted Messaging

According to TechCrunch, the Twitter spokesperson has refused to comment on the leaked encrypted messaging feature. The feature is expected to be announced soon, although it might take some time for wide rollout.

WhatsApp on iOS updated with PiP mode, admin-related advanced options, and GDPR compliance

World’s most popular messaging platform, WhatsApp has been updated on iOS with PiP mode. The PiP mode has support for Facebook and Instagram; i.e., whenever a user who is in your contacts shares a video posted on either of the social media platforms, you can watch it right within the WhatsApp. You can also scroll through messages while the video is being played in a minimised window. 

Apart from PiP, WhatsApp has also bought the much needed admin-related features. The updated app now allows the admin of the group chat to remove the other admins, and set permissions on who can change the group picture, name, and description. The WhatsApp is now GDPR compliant too; it will now confirm whether the users are at least 16 years old while signing up. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is European compliance, and it will go live on 25th May 2018. 

Google Assistant now supports calling

Google has announced an updated Google Assistant at the Google I/O, where the app can call restaurants, salons, and other such places to confirm timings and make reservations. The new feature was demonstrated by Sundar Pichai on stage, with the conversations of the people to such places. However, the availability of the feature is still unknown.

Facebook dating feature won’t affect the business, says Match Group Inc.

Facebook recently announced that it will bring the dating feature to its social media platform, and the news spread like wildfire, as its the biggest announcement from the company since the last couple of years. The dating feature will come as a boon to many, but it also means that the other dating apps might get affected. However, Match Group Inc., the owner of dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid, says that the dating feature from Facebook will not affect its business. On the contrary, the company says that it will have a better revenue this year compared to the last.