5 Signs telling you it’s time to upgrade to a Voltas All Star Inverter AC


The summers have arrived. In this sweltering heat, you need to have your AC function at its best to keep your cool. However, your old AC which you have been sticking with for so many years, may let your down. Here are 5 signs which tell you that it’s time to upgrade in style with an “All Star Inverter AC” from Voltas, India’s No. 1 AC brand.

(1) High Power Bills

This is no brainer. By putting up with an AC which guzzles power, you’re wasting your hard earned money. A conventional AC has a fixed speed compressor which keeps on switching on and off trying to maintain an optimal temperature desired by you. However, it leads to higher power consumption during the run time of the AC.

On the other hand, the Inverter technology in ACs has a variable speed compressor which reduces power consumption which doesn’t turn the compressor on and off frequently while trying to maintain an ideal temperature. Hence, you save on electricity bills.

A Voltas All Star Inverter AC has a unique Two Stage Steady Cool Compressor which unlike other Inverter ACs, has two stage expansion of the refrigerant under two stage compression, which leads to more savings. Hence, keep the AC on 24*7, this summer, but save more on your electricity bills.

(2) Inconsistent Cooling

Unable to sleep peacefully during night. Chances are that your regular AC is not cooling the room consistently throughout the night. Due to the compressor switching on and off again & again, there are sharp rises and drops in room temperature. Hence, you keep on reaching out for the remote to change the set temperature and your sleep gets disturbed. The result, you wake up jaded & groggy and your productivity throughout the day hits an all-time low.

Hence, be smart and Switch to Voltas All Star Inverter AC whose Two Stage Steady Cool Compressor leads to Steady Cooling so that you can sleep peacefully and wake up fresh and energized in the morning.

(3) AC is Noisy

Further compounding the problem of inconsistent cooling is the high noise which regular ACs make leading to loss of sleep at night. This is again attributed to the compressor switching on & off again & again. Moreover, the motors in the AC also make a lot of noise as they become old.

Switch to Voltas All Star Inverter AC which cools silently at 18 DB (A), which, in layman terms, is quieter than someone whispering. This sure beats those ACs which can be heard miles away when you turn it on and interrupt your sleep.

(4) Ice Formation

A common yet rather annoying problem associated with older ACs, this not only reduces the cooling power, but also makes a total mess with water spillage. This problem is further compounded by lower efficiency aluminium coils employed by most ACs in order to save manufacturing costs. If that isn’t bad enough, the lower grade of metal used in the all-important AC evaporator and condenser coils also causes the same to rust. In effect, the inability of the outdoor condenser coil to dissipate hot air and the indoor evaporator coil to effectively transfer cool air into the room causes ice formation within the evaporator coil located within the indoor unit of a typical split AC.

However, your Voltas All Star Inverter ACs employ high quality copper coils for both the condenser as well as the evaporator units. This ensures significantly better heat exchange, which effectively prevents the conditions that lead to ice formation. Furthermore, the cooling fins on the indoor radiator and the heat dissipating mechanism on the outboard condenser unit incorporate the advanced blue-fin anti-corrosive treatment that ensures durability and maximum cooling efficiency by preventing the cooling fins from corroding.

(5) Is my AC a Ticking Time Bomb?

While this may seem like a gross exaggeration, the kind of refrigerant used in older air conditioners is not only toxic, but it is also potentially flammable. Which means, a leak either in the indoor evaporator unit or outdoor compressor/condenser unit can potentially cause a fire hazard or, worse yet, expose the occupants to the toxic refrigerant gas.

You don’t have to worry with the Voltas All Star Inverter ACs, because these units employ the safer and advanced R410a refrigerant, which doesn’t pose any fire hazards associated with lower-tech refrigerants used in competing ACs. What’s more the lack of CFC also means that the ACs will not negatively affect the environment by depleting the all-important ozone layer in the atmosphere.

So, there you have it. Be Smart and Switch to Voltas All Star Inverter ACs this summer.