AMD presents CPU firmware and Windows 10 patches to safeguard PCs from Spectre exploits


AMD’s statement, penned by the company’s CTO, Mark Papermaster, came into the light alongside Microsoft’s monthly “Patch Tuesday” update. It reveals the complexity of fixing Spectre and Meltdown’s security vulnerabilities. Windows 10 updates that occurred on May 10 with a code consisting of Spectre variant 2 mitigations at an operating system level, just like how a Windows update in early January secured against Spectre variant 1.

AMD CPU Firmware Released: Safeguard Against Spectre Exploits

Likewise, cross your fingers that your system will even see the motherboard updates had to use AMD’s brand-new CPU firmware. You don’t have to download access for Spectre mitigations from Intel or AMD directly; you’d have to wait for your pre-built desktop or motherboard manufacturer to release a new BIOS that improves on the previous one. A quick verification of popularly used Ryzen X370 motherboards shoed no April BIOS fixes, albeit Tech Report states it had the ability to completely patch one of its systems. Persistence is crucial, it seems.

Image credit: PCWorld

Stay safe out there, folks. Intel and AMD are constructing hardware-level mitigations into future CPUs, however, the computing market will be fighting with Meltdown and Spectre for a long period of time.

AMD Ryzen CPUs: Spectre Bug Fix Already Covered

However, more recent Windows updates have become only a component of the whole service, on like what it used to be. AMD states that it has also launched CPU firmware fixes with “advised mitigations dealing with Variant 2” to their hardware partners, having patches offered for processors going back to CPUs built on the Bulldozer architecture in 2011. Firmware updates from Intel stops about that same time. The post does not specify which processors received patches, however probably AMD’s more recent Ryzen processors were at the front of the line.

Intel recently completed its bombardment of updates for its CPU microcode created to tackle the ugly Spectre variant 2 attacks, and on May 8, AMD announced that it plans to safeguard PCs from the vulnerability. (AMD processors aren’t vulnerable to Meltdown).

I’d expect to see numerous Ryzen-era motherboards covered to consist of CPU microcode that secures versus Spectre, however don’t hold your breath for older systems. On the Intel side, motherboard vendors haven’t committed to launch any BIOS updates for components older than the 2015 6th-gen Skylake systems. AMD’s firmware updates won’t help if you can’t get them working on your older PC.

AMD says that their Spectre variant 2 security solutions are “challenging to exploit” on their processors, and had categorized these updates of microcodes as optional. Nonetheless, you’ll want to secure your computer as much as possible. PCWorld’s guide on how to protect your PC against Meltdown and Spectre can stroll you through the messy procedure of getting your hardware, software, and running system locked down. In the event that an update of a Spectre-slamming BIOS isn’t provided for your prebuilt desktop computer or motherboard, consider purchasing a strong anti-virus service, due to the fact that security scientists have found malware created to exploit these vulnerabilities.