OnePlus 6 Could Challenge iPhone, Samsung if it Includes These Features

OnePlus 6 is all set to be launched on May 17, we list the top segments where OnePlus needs to focus if it wants to win over Apple and Samsung.


Chinese manufacturers enjoy an enviable following in Asian regions. Steadily some of the brands have dethroned more prominent brands like Samsung to become the top sellers in India and China. However, their position is not the same in the West, wherein Apple and Samsung are still ruling the charts.

OnePlus is the only Chinese brand that is slowly getting into the race and has a decent fan following even in the west. However, some of its controversies keep potential OnePlus buyers at bay. Now that OnePlus is gearing up to bring out another flagship, the OnePlus 6, it needs to mend its ways and project itself as a better option to attract more buyers. It could only be achieved by offering top-end features (rightly integrated) with enhanced security.

OnePlus needs to follow the right strategy for getting ahead of Samsung and Apple. And for doing so, the company needs to meet the standard set by Samsung and Apple. All the top-end features at a nominal price tag will ensure OnePlus becomes an overnight success globally. Apple and Samsung are preferred by the buyers who keep security as their primary requirement alongside the presence of latest features. Both Samsung and Apple enjoy the reputation of trusted brands while Chinese brands are often plagued by the stigma of sharing user data and poorly integrated features. OnePlus has had its fair share of controversies around both the elements, i.e. security and technology. It means that OnePlus 6 has a hard terrain to cross for becoming successful in every market is debuts. The company has also realised its past follies and is now coming up with solid features that could challenge Apple and Samsung.

OnePlus 6: Strengthening Security

Last year, after being reported for a data breach by the security researcher Chris Moore, OnePlus took some steps concerning data sharing that provided more power to the users. To recall, the OnePlus phone running Oxygen OS were found sharing user data to a server. Details like phone’s IMEI number, network and data stats.

After being reported for a data breach by the security researcher Chris Moore, OnePlus took some steps concerning data sharing that provided more power to the users. To recall, the OnePlus phone running Oxygen OS were found sharing user data to a server. OnePlus smartphones were found sharing critical information like phone’s IMEI number, network and data stats, and more. However, this seemed to be just a beginning for OnePlus’s problems, in November 2017, a data breach on the company’s website has compromised up to 40,000 credit card details.

As one can ascertain from the information above, OnePlus needs to up its game in the security segment. The company needs to come up with critical steps to stop data breach and restore user trust in the brand. It could be done by informing users about the data that is collected and how it is used.

OnePlus 6: Solid Features Over Convenience Features

OnePlus has always been dedicated to including new features on its flagships. Last year, the company created enough buzz around its Face Unlock feature, which was pitted against the Face ID feature on Apple’s iPhone X. As similar as the two features may appear, under the hood, they are quite different. Apple’s iPhone X packs 3D image mapping, which is captured by the software integrated into the phone’s front camera. On the contrary, OnePlus’s face recognition relies on 2D image mapping with the help of the front camera. It is the same reason why Face ID on Apple iPhone X can also be used for authenticating payments while the Face Unlock feature on the OnePlus 5T is more of an add-on feature.

OnePlus needs to rise above such comparisons, especially when it is merely bringing the same quality onboard. The difference between the Face ID and Face Unlock is also a hint that OnePlus should be bringing features that are well integrated and use the best of technology rather than mimicking an already existing feature from a rival brand. If the company wants the OnePlus 6 to be “flagship killer” in the truest sense, then it better load it features that are outstanding and right built into the ecosystem of the device.

OnePlus 6: Launch Date, Expected Price in India

The OnePlus 6 is all set to be unveiled on May 17, 2018. As for the pricing in India, rumours suggest that the phone could be priced around Rs. 36,999 for its 64GB storage variant, and go up to Rs. 39,999 for the 128GB storage variant.

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