Whatsapp Introduces New Features to Group Chats – Permissions, Private Messages and Descriptions

Whatsapp has implemented these new features to compete with Telegram


In a bid to improve its services and compete with the likes of similar chat services like Telegram, WhatsApp has added a range of new features to its option of group chats. The list of features in detail has been announced by WhatsApp on its official blog. The most significant feature is likely to be the ability for Group Administrators to set permissions, i.e. who gets to change the group statuses, who gets to chance the display picture of the group, etc. This will certainly be welcomed by users, as now Administrators have no control of these aspects in group, wherein any member can change group names and display pictures.

Whatsapp Group Chat: New Features

Another feature added for the administrators ensures that they cannot be kicked out of a group that they started and can also limit and control the list of other administrators in the group, i.e. remove administrative powers from members in the group. WhatsApp is also on a quest to improve the relevance and meaningfulness of groups as they have added a feature that lets Administrators add a Description to the Group, which tells you exactly what the group is meant for. This is ideally more suited to public groups like a society or an association and might not be useful for a private group.

WhatsApp Obsolete error

Now users can also make sure that they don’t get added back into a group that they exited, by blocking the group permanently. This is certainly useful for users trying to avoid spam groups that are irrelevant for them. Users can also search for participants in the group info page and start a private conversation. Another major new feature will be a boon for users with an extremely active group and are unwilling to scroll through thousands of messages just to spot messages relevant to them. An @ button has been added in the bottom right corner of the screen that lets users skip to texts in a group that mention the users.

Despite having1.5 billion users WhatsApp is wary of the threat posed by Telegram, which just has over 200 million users and have implemented these features thus making them more suited to group chats.

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