Idea Launches Postpaid Nirvana Plans: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Idea has launched a slew of new plans named Nirvana plans for its postpaid customers. Check them out.


Every telecom offering from Reliance Jio is absolutely certain to be followed by something similar from a different telecom. Well, you cannot blame the others. Telecom Industry has been facing a stiff competition ever since Mukesh Ambani- owned Reliance Jio has changed the way we look at digitalization. In a bid to woo the customers with hefty data and calling plans, Idea has launched a range of plans called Nirvana plans for its postpaid customers.

Idea Nirvana Plans: Unlimited Voice Calls, High-speed Data with Carry Forward option

Idea’s Nirvana plans offer unlimited voice calling, data incentives with data carry forward limits. Recently, Reliance Jio has also launched similar postpaid plans for its customers at a lower price range. Priced at Rs. 389, Rs. 499, Rs. 649, Rs. 999, Rs. 1299, Rs. 1699, Rs. 1999, and Rs. 2999, these plans are tailored according to the customer’s calling and data requirements.

Idea Nirvana Plan for Postpaid Customers: Details, Pricing

Idea has segmented its Nirvana plan in a pack of 8 individual plans, each offering a different range of high-speed data according to the price. However, all of them have an option of carry forward and the calling incentives remain unchanged. Take a look at all the Idea Postpaid Nirvana Plans ranging from the lowest priced package of Rs. 389 to the highest priced package of Rs. 2999.

Idea Postpaid Nirvana Plan: Details of Rs. 389, Rs. 499 Plans

The Idea postpaid Nirvana plan for Rs. 389 offers high- speed data worth 20 GB. This data benefit comes with an option of carry forward, as posted on Idea’s official website. This postpaid Nirvana plan also offers unlimited calls, both local and STD. Additionally, it also includes 3000 free local, national, and roaming SMSes on a monthly basis.

As mentioned on the Idea website, the 499 Nirvana plan offers 40GB of high-speed data also comes with an option of carrying the data forward.  This postpaid plan also offers unlimited voice calling (local, STD). This pack also offers 3000 local, national, and roaming SMSes to be consumed in a month.

Idea Postpaid Nirvana Plan: Details of Rs. 649, Rs. 999 Plans

This 649 plan offers 50 GB of high-speed data with carrying forward options. Priced at Rs. 649, this Nirvana pack also offers unlimited STD and local voice calls. And, the 3000 local, national, and roaming SMSes are packed in this plan as well.

Priced at Rs. 999, this Idea Nirvana Plan offers a whopping 80GB of high-speed data with the option to carry it forward. The unlimited local and STD voice call benefits remain unchanged. This pack also lets the user consume 3000 local, national and roaming messages for a month.

Idea Postpaid: Details of Rs. 1299, Rs. 1699, Rs. 1999, Rs. 2999 Nirvana Plans

The 1299 Idea Postpaid Plan lets the subscribers enjoy a high-speed data of 100GB that can be carried forward at a price of Rs. 1299. The local and STD voice calls are again unlimited. This plan is also packed with 3000 local, national and roaming SMSes for a month.

This 1699 plan offers 150GB high-speed data with a carry forward option. This postpaid Nirvana plan also offers unlimited voice calls (local and STD); 3000 SMSes (local, national and, roaming), all bundled in a pack priced at Rs. 1699. The 1999 pack offers a high-speed data of 200GB and an option to carry forward at Rs. 1999. The unlimited local and STD voice call benefits are same as the other plans and the 3000 local, national and roaming monthly SMSes are bundled with this plan as well.

The 2999 plan aces all the Nirvana plans when it comes to high-speed data. This pack offers 300 GB of data that can be carried forward. Additionally, the unlimited local and STD voice calling remains unchanged. This pack also includes 3000 SMSes (local, national, roaming) to be used in a month.

Ever since Reliance Jio has entered the telecom market, the old telecom giants have been facing financial turmoils and consumer drain. Idea Cellular even took a fall of 50% in the run-up to the merger with Vodafone in a couple of months. The company has been working tooth and nail to stay in the telecom game and retain the existing customer base.


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