Airtel Launches Rs.558 Pack to take on Jio Rs.498: Offers 3GB Daily Data for 82 Days


Ever since Jio’s arrival, Airtel and the others have been trying their best to keep their customers away from switching to Jio’s network. However, that didn’t work out and following the disruptive trends that Jio started, telecom operators are now forced to offer all-inclusive value for money plans which we couldn’t even think of a couple of years back. One such attempt by Airtel is its new Rs 558 pack. Let’s see what the pack has to offer and does it match with Jio’s offerings.

Airtel Prepaid: Rs 558 Pack

The Rs 558 pack is already live on Airtel’s own website for the Delhi/NCR circle as of now. It’s likely to go live for rest of India soon enough too. The pack offers 3GB of data per day for 82 days; that’s 246GB of data at a price of ~Rs2.26 per GB. Please note that post the daily quota of 3GB, you’ll still get free data however that will be throttled to a maximum speed of 128kbps, which is still good enough for basic internet connectivity tasks like mobile browsing and chatting over Whatsapp etc. The plan also comes bundled with all other benefits like unlimited voice calling (local and STD), free voice calls over roaming (incoming and outgoing both), and 100 local or STD SMSes per day.

Airtel Prepaid: Rs 558 pack Better Than Jio?

In contrast to Airtel’s latest plan, Jio offers a somewhat similar plan for Rs 498. In the Rs 498 pack for Jio Prepaid, users get unlimited voice calling and 100 SMSes per day, same as Airtel. However the Jio plan offers 2GB of data per day for 91 days, compared to Airtel’s 3GB of data per day. This means Jio’s per GB data costs around Rs 2.75 which is marginally higher than Airtel’s Rs 2.26. Jio’s pack also offers less data overall (182 GB) as compared to Airtel’s 246 GB. This means, Airtel’s pack makes much more sense as for Rs 60 extra, you’re getting almost 65 GBs of extra data to use.

Airtel Prepaid: Unlimited Data offers

Jio started this trend of offering unlimited data even after the daily limit is reached. It started providing free internet access at 128kbps post the FUP limits on both its Prepaid and Postpaid plans. Even BSNL has been doing the same thing for a while now and offers the same 128 Kbps after FUP speed with some of its prepaid plans.

Airtel has very recently jumped on this bandwagon and currently, unlimited data benefits are applicable only to those prepaid data plans that have daily FUP limits. Therefore, this policy will not be applicable on data plans that provide a certain amount of data on a weekly or monthly basis. So, if you’re having a plan that gives you 2GB of data for a week, you’ll still be charged for any usage above the 2GB limit. Compare this to Airtel’s daily FUP plan like Rs. 199 one, which currently offers 1.4GB data per day. Earlier, this package would only provide the 1.4GB of data per day, beyond which the user would either have to wait until 12 AM-midnight to get the rest of the data or incur charges for every Kb consumed. But from now on, the users will continue to get free internet access even after the daily limit is crossed, but the speeds will throttle down to 128Kbps.

It’s also worth noting that Jio used to provide 128 Kbps post FUP speeds on all its prepaid and postpaid plans, but has recently announced that it will be reducing the post FUP data speeds to 64 Kbps.

Airtel Prepaid: Airtel vs Jio vs Vodafone

The Telecom wars have meant that every operator is launching a slew of options providing data and other benefits which were unheard of in the Pre-Jio era. With this race not looking to end anytime soon, the biggest winner out of this dogfight are bound to be the customers. Stay tuned for all the latest launch and offers in the Telecom business.


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