Cooler Master and ASUS to Produce TUF Gaming Products

The first device to be released under this initiative will be the Masterbox MB500 designed by Cooler Master


As a part of ASUS’s TUF gaming initiative, Cooling Master are venturing jointly with ASUS to design and produce a range of TUF branded gaming products. Cooler Master will be providing cooling, power supply options and select chassis. The three main design concepts that will be involved are reliability, functionality and visual consistency according to Cooler Master.

ASUS and Cooler Master TUF Gaming Alliance:

ASUS’s TUF gaming alliance is a collaborative effort between ASUS, Cooler Master and others to create branded gaming products such as gaming gears, power supplies, cases and coolers for ASUS’s TUF Gaming Laptops. The motive of the initiative is to create ancillary gear for “an aesthetically cohesive gaming PC”. Basically the initiative will see branded and themed products that can be bundled in with ASUS’s line of TUF Gaming Laptops / Desktops.

The first device to be released under this initiative will be the Masterbox MB500 designed by Cooler Master. The Masterbox MB500 is an external casing for PCs that has the TUF Alliance badge on one side and the other side is transparent & sports a Digital Camo pattern. This is a special edition of the Masterbox MB 500 that is specifically designed for the ASUS TUF.

ASUS and Cooler Master TUF Gaming Alliance: Devices to be Released

Other devices that will follow suit include the MasterAir MA620P and MA410M coolers. The special edition of these heatsinks will feature RGB fans and will sports a Digital Cabo on the top along with a sticker of the TUF Alliance. The coolers are built with Cooler Master’s Continuous Direct Contact (CDC 2.0) technology which will ensure that contact heat pipes’ surface area is increased by 45%, which significantly improves heat transfer.

Moreover, the Master Air MA620P is a dual tower heatsink, and it features a push pull sandwich configuration and comes with a five year warranty. On the other hand the MasterAir MA410M is a single tower heatsink, features a push pull configuration and this comes with a two year warranty. Both coolers sport a yellow colour on the fan mounts and will feature MasterFan MF120R RGB fans. The fans can be controlled via the motherboard software or can also be controlled using the wired RGB LED controller.

Other devices that will be released as a part of this collaborative initiative include MasterWatt power supplies (450 W, 550 W, 650 W, 750 W capacities) and the Masterbox MG500 mid-tower case. According to Cooler Master, these components were chosen by them specifically in order to enhance gaming performance & make them run smoother. Much like other devices in the line-up the MasterWatt power supply units also sported a sticker of the ASUS TUF Alliance on the top as well as the Digital Camouflage print.

Meanwhile, the Masterbox MB500, which is a mid-tower case, also comes fitted with the TUF Digital Camouflage on three sides – top, front and edge to edge tempered glass side panels. It features 160 mm clearing for a CPU heatsink maximum power supply unit length of 180 mm and 400 mm for video cards. It can also house three 120 mm fans (2 x 140 mm) or two fans on top and a radiator at the back.

A spokesman from Cooler Master added in a statement “One of the key tenants of Cooler Master is reliability. Providing PC builders products that will not only work well, but work well for a long time is one of the company’s highest priorities. Asus’ promise to only include reliable, durable products in the TUF Gaming Alliance is one of the key reasons Cooler Master agreed to participate. Building a TUF system isn’t just a temporary solution for your gaming needs. It’s a long term commitment to performance excellence.”

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