Lenovo Z5: Top 5 Best Features to Watch for Before the Launch

Could the bezel-less design, massive battery, infinite storage make Lenovo Z5 an ultimate smartphone?


Lenovo’s VP Chang Cheng has left no stone unturned in getting us excited about the upcoming flagship smartphone of Lenovo, the Z5. After having teased an industry best 95% screen-to-body ratio, Cheng recently took to Weibo to let us know that the upcoming flagship from Lenovo will also have a mind-boggling 4TB of internal storage. Now a new graphic from Lenovo teased a 30-minutes of Talktime at 0% battery! Sounds crazy, right? We take a look at the top 5 incredible features that the Lenovo Z5 will be coming with:

Lenovo Z5: Truly Bezel-less

Lenovo has already teased a smartphone with a 95% screen, and then followed it uo with a sketch and an official name of the smartphone. Lenovo Z5 is going to be the name of this bezel-less beauty and the sketch (image below) also showed that it is going to be a revolutionary device from a design point-of-view as if it is launched as shown in the sketch, it’ll be the first TRULY Bezel-less phone. Vivo already introduced us to the Vivo APEX, which was a concept phone but had a front that was almost 100% screen. And now, it looks like Lenovo might just beat Vivo to bring us the first bezel-less phone in production. So there’s going to be no notch like the iPhone X (review) or a chin like the Galaxy S9.

Lenovo Z5: Never-ending Storage

As if the all-screen design of the phone wasn’t enough to make us drool, Cheng also revealed that their latest flagship will offer 4TB of storage, thanks to “particle technology”. If you’re wondering, that’s an unbelievable 4,000GBs of storage! However, we are a little skeptical about this particular claim as having 4TB of physical storage does seem a bit too far-fetched for now. What Lenovo might be hinting at could be the total storage across the device’s internal storage, memory card and some form of cloud-based storage which could be coming bundled with the Z5. All these combined, the Z5 will be able to hold “2000 HD movies, 150,000 lossless music files, and 1 million photos,” as claimed by Cheng.

Lenovo Z5: Battery Strength

In what seems to be his biggest claim yet, Cheng recently shared a new teaser image for their upcoming flagship which read “30 minutes of talk time at 0% battery”. Now we are not really sure how is that even a possibility, but an official teaser will only always tease a confirmed feature. That would mean an unprecedented level of hardware/software optimization by any phone manufacturer. In an earlier teaser, Lenovo also teased the fact that the Z5 will have an impressive 45 days of standby time. If Battery life is your main concern, the Z5 might just be the phone for you.

Lenovo Z5: AI and Dual Cameras

In some recent posts on Weibo, Cheng also teased some images which are allegedly taken from a Lenovo Z5. There is a watermark present on the images which confirm that they have been shot on a Lenovo Z5. Also, the watermark reveals that it’ll be a dual camera setup, as represented by the dual lens symbol in the watermark. Furthermore, it also specifies that the camera will have some AI features as well.

Lenovo Z5: The first 5G phone?

If you think this is where the list of industry changing features ends, well there’s more.

Cheng had also hinted that their latest flagship is “serious” about 5G. Does that mean it’s 5G ready? We’ll have to wait to find out until they release some further information about the device. To put things into perspective, 5G networks have already begun testing in the US and it seemed like 5G handsets are at least a year or two away from reaching our hands, but Lenovo seems to have a different idea.

Lenovo Z5: Other Specifications

We do not know too much about the specifications of the phone yet but as this is going to be a flagship for Lenovo, we can expect it to be rocking of a Snapdragon 845 processor, or at least stick to the dependable MediaTek Helio 60.

The Lenovo Z5 could also become the first production phone to launch with an in-display fingerprint scanner, although we wouldn’t bet on it as we are yet to see any images or renders of the phone’s back, and that means a rear-facing fingerprint reader might also be present.

Other rumored specs include a 5.99-inch FHD+ display, bundled with 3 GB of RAM. Dual cameras have become the norm now, and the Z5 will be no exception and is reported to be sporting a dual 13+5MP rear camera setup, and a 13MP front-facing shooter. Backed by a 3,200mAh battery, the phone is said to be released with Android Oreo 8.0 out of the box.

Lenovo Z5: Price, Launch Date

Lenovo has confirmed that it will be hosting a launch event on June 14th, and the Z5 would most probably be the center of attraction at that event. The phone certainly seems to be a complicated piece of technology and if Lenovo does launch a phone with such specifications and features, It’ll be a huge step up for the Chinese phone manufacturer, and a lesson in phone-making for the mobile giants, Apple and Samsung. Lenovo will definitely have a lot more details about the phone to talk about during the official announcement and might also start taking pre-orders for the phone as early as when that announcement concludes.

Stay Tuned for all the latest stories about the Lenovo Z5.