BSNL Renames Rs.1199 Broadband Plan to ‘Family Plan’: Offers 1GB Daily Data for 3 Prepaid SIM Cards

BSNL Rs.1199 Broadband Plan renames to 'Family Plan' with extra offers

State-run telco, BSNL has been making significant effort putting up a fight against the private telco giants. Apart from rolling out new prepaid recharge plans, internet add-on packs, BSNL has remained very quick on updating its plans across all the domains. The telecom operator has recently updated the FUP Limit of its Rs. 4,999 FTTH Plan. Next up to get a do-over is BSNL’s Rs. 1199 plan.

BSNL Family Plan: The Revised Rs.1199 Broadband Plan

BSNL has improved its broadband plan priced at Rs. 1199 and rebranded it as the ‘BSNL Family Plan’. The price of the plan remains unchanged. The BSNL Family Plan offers 30GB data and broadband connection speed of 10Mbps. Post the FUP limit of 30GB, users can continue streaming and avail the unlimited downloading benefits, but at a reduced speed of 2Mbps. Now justifying the ‘family’ part of the plan, subscribers can combine 3 different prepaid connections with the plan and avail 1GB data daily. The offer on SIM cards validity for as long as the entire plan is valid. Earlier, the same plan offered one prepaid mobile connection with every broadband connection. and now, if the user with BSNL broadband connection has three BSNL mobile connections in the family, they could 1GB data daily in addition to the basic 30GB that comes with the plan. The updated plan from BSNL is available for the users all across the country.

BSNL Family Plan: All the Additional Benefits on Mobile Connections

Apart from the additional internet benefits, the revised plan comes with unlimited voice calling (local, STD and roaming) benefits as well. The offer stands for all three prepaid connections. The daily data usage limit is set to 1GB. And once the user crosses this limit, the streaming speed is reduced to 40Kbps. However, users can continue using the internet with no additional charges but a reduced speed. Additionally, the users also get free caller tunes on all the three mobile connections. BSNL provides free caller tune benefits on of its prepaid recharge packs. This latest offering from BSNL justifies its title. The plan covers the family data needs with a broadband offering 30GB and the data and calling benefits on three mobile prepaid connections. The offerings seem like a good deal for the entire family.

Other Upgraded Plans from BSNL

BSNL recently upgraded the FUP limit on one of its FTTH plans. Priced at Rs. 4999, the plan got its FUP limit upgraded to 1500GB with a speed of 100Mbps. Post the set FUP limit, the speed is reduced to 2Mbps, but the user can still enjoy unlimited data benefits. Even with the reduced speed, the net surfing, and video streaming experience is lag-free. This plan is a huge take on Jio Fiber and other private operators. Doubling the additional interesting incentive strategy from the ‘Family Plan’, BSNL offers some interesting benefits with this plan as well. The plan subscribers get access to one free email ID. This email ID comes with a 5MB of free space. The company also provides the subscribers with a free static IP address.

BSNL has also revised several other FTTH plans. With the new updates in effect, the Rs. 999 FTTH plan is now offering a FUP limit of 250 GB at a speed of 60Mbps. For the users subscribed to the plans for Rs. 1,299, Rs. 1,699, Rs. 1,999, Rs. 2,999, the telecom operator offers a maximum 80Mbps of upload and download speeds. The Rs. 1,299 plan comes with a FUP limit of 400 GB, the Rs. 1,699 plan offers 550GB FUP, Rs. 1,999 plan has a FUP limit of 800 GB, and Rs. 2,999 plan offers a FUP limit of 900GB.

Last week, BSNL also launched ‘Data Tsunami Pack’ on the occasion of World Telecom Day. Priced at Rs. 98, the plan offers 1.5GB data per day. The ‘Data Tsunami Pack’ holds a validity of 26 days. However, the plan only offers 2G/3G speeds as the only state offering 4G under the BSNL banner is Kerela.

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