Alleged iPhone SE 2 Back Panel, iOS 12 Update Leaked; iPhone X and Others May Feature New Animoji

New leaks have emerged that allegedly reveal what the iPhone SE 2 will look like. They also claim to show what features we can expect from the upcoming iOS 12 version. Lets take a look at these in further detail.


It has been long rumoured that Apple might release a successor to the iPhone SE. There have been alleged leaks in the past but none have provided any substantial evidence. In-keeping with this trend, slashleaks has come out with new images that claim to reveal the build of the rumoured iPhone SE 2 and also showcase the latest software that it can come with. Let’s see what we can learn from the new images.

Alleged iPhone SE 2: Back Panel Design

Ever since Apple strayed away from its dated design language which it has used for three generations now, the iPhone community has speculated the iPhone X design to trickle down into the SE series. The leaked images allegedly reveal the external housing of the iPhone SE 2 that seems to have a mono-coloured back instead of the segmented look of the first generation iPhone SE. The rear almost looks like glass, which could mean the presence of wireless charging on this handset. The second image gives us a look at the micro SIM card tray that looks similar to those found on all iPhones. The power button, volume rockers, and mute switch look the same as well.

iOS 12: Possible first look

iPhone SE 2 leaked image-3

The last image is of the iPhone software update page which gives us a look at the features coming on the iOS 12. According to the leak, the upcoming version of iOS would come with a “beautiful new design” along with various new features such as a “dark theme” and a new notification system. There is also an always-on display mode which points towards an OLED display. The next line explicitly points towards new Animoji on the iPhone X and the iPhone SE 2. This allegedly points towards the inclusion of Face ID-like features in the front camera just like the one found on the iPhone X. And this feature would have only been included in the phone was getting rid of Touch ID to make way for a larger display. Finally, there is the usual foray of improvements, bug fixes and security patches.

Can this leak be legitimate?

These so-called leaked pictures have been met with immense scrutiny. There are some glaring red flags that just cannot be ignored. Firstly, the rear panel has no regulatory FCC logos at all. The image suspiciously leaves out the camera out of the frame as well. Many folks part of the elite leaks circles believe the frame to be some Chinese knock-off. Stunts like this are not uncommon in this space, especially considering this is an Apple product.

Then there are all the features of iOS 12 that conveniently happen to hint at a notched display. Even the existence of this OS at this point is sketchy since Apple is just now on the verge of releasing iOS 11.4 on its handsets. It is way too soon in the life-cycle of this version of iOS for Apple to skip ahead so drastically. Furthermore, the feature list is missing crucial features that are expected to arrive with it such as the update to Siri and a horizontal Face ID.

iPhone SE 2, iOS 12: Expected Release

The new iPhone SE 2 is expected to arrive sometime in September of this year. Apple is holding its Worldwide Developers Conference next month, but it is highly unlikely that any iPhone would be announced then. What is certain is that the iOS 12 version will be revealed and the rumours can finally be put to rest. While there isn’t any concrete evidence of what features will end up in this iteration, it is evident that it will focus more on reliability and stability rather than any dramatic changes.