iOS 12 brings the ability to identify two people with Face ID

This could signal an iPad with Face ID coming soon.


Apple appears to be getting ready to release a new feature with Face ID that will see support for multiple people to be registered. The latest iOS 12 beta displays a new option for iPhone X that allows the user to set up an Alternative Appearance within Face ID settings.

Apple also seems to be enhancing the way the technology works as the company highlights in the release note for iOS 12 that Face ID will now continuously learn about how you look in order to increase the success rate of identifying you by recognizing alternative appearances.

“In addition to continuously learning how you look, Face ID can recognize an alternative appearance,”

Currently, Face ID is restricted to a single user whereas Touch ID can register multiple fingerprints from different users. It seems that Apple is preparing the same functionality for Face ID but isn’t publicly disclosing it just yet and instead has simply suggested the same person with different appearances will now work. However, testing has found that it works on completely different people lending suggestions Face ID will eventually be opened up to multiple users.

While iPhones don’t tend to have multiple users, an iPad will, which raises the question that we’ll see an iPad with Face ID potentially coming in future. Several rumors have pointed towards an iPad running iOS 12 releasing in the near future that will see Face ID included that will allow Apple to remove the Home button just like it did with the iPhone X. Allowing multiple users to register their face on an iPad makes perfect sense as the iPad tends to be shared between multiple users or even in an educational environment.

Apple has suggested that iOS 12 is the version of the OS that will see the usability gap bridged between iPhone and iPad and gestures unified across the two devices. Control Center on the iPad is now accessed by swiping down from the top right of the screen while swiping up on the dock returns you to the home screen.

We’ll no doubt see what Apple has in store for new devices as iOS 12 approaches the final public release.