Redmi 6A vs Redmi 5A: What’s the Difference?

Xiaomi has launched the Redmi 6A as the successor to the highly popular Redmi 5A. Let’s take a look at what changes the company has made with this smartphone.


According to counterpoint research’s findings, the Redmi 5A is Xiaomi’s best selling smartphone in April 2018. On the backing of this impressive achievement, the company has released the successor to the popular handset in the form of the Redmi 6A. Most of the aspects of this device have been upgraded to some extent. You now get a larger screen, better CPU, and improved software on the new handset. Below we have for you a detailed comparison of the new handset when placed beside its predecessor to see what all changes Xiaomi has made in the attempt to improve its most popular smartphone.

Redmi 6A vs Redmi 5A: Price in India

You will be happy to know that there hasn’t been a drastic change in the price of the Redmi 6A when coming from the Redmi 5A. The new smartphone is priced at CNY 599 in China which roughly equates to Rs.6,300. This is only for the 2GB RAM + 16GB storage variant, and we do not have any confirmation of whether or not Xiaomi intends to release a larger storage variant.

The older Redmi 5A, on the other hand, was released in two storage configurations with the 2GB + 16GB model is priced at Rs. 5,999, and a 3GB + 32GB model that cost Rs. 6,999 upon their launch in India. We expect Xiaomi to release the smartphone in this country sometime next month and we should get more details about the Redmi 6A’s Indian pricing and storage configurations by then.

Redmi 6A vs Redmi 5A: Display

The Redmi 5A launched with a 5-inch HD IPS display that had a standard 16:9 aspect ratio. While this was completely acceptable on a phone at this price, Xiaomi has made commendable upgrades to the display on the REdmi 6A. The new phone will ship with a 5.45-inch IPS LCD display with 720 x 1440 HD+ resolution and an 18:9 aspect ratio.

Redmi 6A vs Redmi 5A: Camera

The imaging department is where Xiaomi hasn’t made too many changes this time around. The new phone comes with a 13MP camera at the back and a 5MP camera at the front. There should be some improvements in the images taken from the newer phone because of the various software upgrades that this phone will come with. You will be able to take portrait shots with bokeh effects and other AI enhancement including beauty mode.

Redmi 6A vs Redmi 5A: Hardware, Performance

The one major change that can be seen with the new smartphone is in its SoC. The Redmi 6A now gets a MediaTek Helio A11 processor clocked at 2 GHz. This chipset has been manufactured on a 12nm process that makes it more efficient than other mid-ranged smartphones SoCs. The new chipset is claimed to be about 33% more powerful when compared to the CPU found on the Redmi 5A. That phone came with a Snapdragon 425 which had a quad-core CPU clocked at just 1.4GHz. This change should result in noticeable performance improvement overall.

Redmi 6A vs Redmi 5A: OS Updates

Being a 2018 smartphone, it wasn’t a surprise when Xiaomi announced that the Redmi 6A would be coming with Android 8.1 Oreo loaded onto the handset by default. This would be accompanied with the company’s MUIU 10 which offers much-needed improvements over the older software. One such example is the fact that the latest MIUI version takes 30% less storage space on the phone’s memory compared to its previous iteration. On the other hand, the Redmi 5A had come with MIUI 9 wrapped under the Android 7.1 Nougat which hasn’t yet been upgraded.

As for the battery, both phones ship with 3000mAh cells which should offer better battery life on the Redmi 6A because of the software improvements and better-optimised chipset.