Xiaomi Launches Gaming Mouse with 7200dpi Optical Sensor and 5 Adjustable Speeds

Mi Gaming Mouse is priced at RMB 249


The Chinese phone maker, Xiaomi, has recently launched a mouse exclusively for gaming in China. To leave a mark in the virtual world of gaming, Xiaomi has already stepped ahead to launch its own laptop for gaming. Now, with the launch of an exclusive gaming mouse, Xiaomi made sure it is here to stay, especially in minds of those who are in a springtime of their life.

The previous product of Xiaomi was Mi Wireless Mouse Youth Edition a few weeks back. From the previous launch, it can be learned that Xiaomi is trying to get hold of a place in today’s young generation. Therefore, it came with another product within few weeks time to attract the teens and young adults. The launch of the new gaming mouse is made available at a cost of RMB 249, which would cost around Rs 2500.

Mi Gaming Mouse: Features and Specs

In addition to the attractive price tag, the mouse also comprises of attractive features. It comes completely equipped for a gaming platform. It flaunts a professional optical sensor of 7200 dpi with five adjustable speeds in order to get a smooth gaming experience. There are a lot of activities that can be enabled through the mouse. Those activities include press and hold actions, quick key targeting etc. The mouse features micro-motions for swift actions, adjustable dpi for FPS and RPG styled games, and ergonomically designed body for easy use of the device. It can be seen that this mouse is tailor-made for the new generation kids who are crazy and craving for technological advancements in their entertainment peripherals.

The specifications of this Xiaomi mouse include a 32-bit ARM processor. This processor can be programmed with 125/250/500/1000 four-speeds with the help of a software. In addition to the features of a conventional mouse that has a left click, right click, and a scrolling mouse, this gaming mouse features an additional two buttons at the top of the device. Where one button increases the speed, the other one decreases the speed. Tracking speed of 150IPS is provided along with a support for 30G acceleration can be enabled in this newly launched gaming device.

Further, the mouse can be used either with wire or without wires (wireless). Xiaomi advises using a wired mouse for gaming and a wireless for home and office purpose. The mouse is suitable for both Windows and macOS platforms, and as a gaming mouse, it comes with red, green, blue lightings for scrolling and tail region.


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