Cooler Master CK620 introduced: a travel-friendly mechanical keyboard

Cooler Master CK620

Cooler Master has introduced a new mechanical keyboard that is very different from most other mechanical keyboards on the market currently. The new CK620 uses Cherry’s new, low-profile red keyswitches, allowing it to have a much thinner profile. It was showcased by the company at its booth at Computex 2018 in Taipei last week.

Cooler Master CK620: Price, Availability

Cooler Master hasn’t announced any information regarding the pricing of the CK620 just yet. However, it did say that the keyboard will be released by the end of the year or early next year. It will be offered in two models – one with a wired-only configuration and the other that will connect via Bluetooth and USB Type-C. In addition to the CK620, Cooler Master also plans to launch the CK630 tenkeyless low-profile keyboard and the CK640 full-size low-profile keyboard with number pad.

Cooler Master CK620: Specifications, Features

As we mentioned above already, the Cooler Master CK620 uses Cherry’s new low-profile Red switches. These new switches are 35 percent thinner than the regular Cherry MX Red switches, while retaining the quick response time and the typical mechanical feel that gamers look for.

In terms of size, the Cooler Master CK620 is said to be roughly 60% of the size of a typical full-size keyboard and is also smaller than your average tenkeyless keyboard. The keycaps too are fully flat, which also contributes to the compact dimensions of the keyboard. While most mechanical keyboards are difficult to carry around all the time, the CK620 can be a great option for individuals who are constantly on the move and love the feel of a mechanical keyboard. However, despite the highly compact size of the keyboard, it does come with per-key RGB lighting. To further enhance the appearance of the keyboard, Cooler Master is using a silver base and black keys. As for battery life, Cooler Master is claiming the CK620 will be able to deliver around five hours battery life with the RGB lighting enabled and significantly more with it turned off.


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