Mi Midweek Madness: Mi Bluetooth Speaker, Earphones, Power Banks and More at Rs.1 or 50% Off

Mi Midweek madness offers popular Mi products at either 50% off or at just Rs.1. Read ahead to learn more.

Mi midweek madness challenge

Xiaomi is back with a madness challenge where a select few Mi products will be available for purchase at either half their original MRP or as low as Rs. 1. You will have to hurry though as the list of available products on sale is subject to change every few hours. Also, the website does not specify how long Xiaomi intends to run this offer. According to the promo page URL, this is almost like the 24hour madness challenge which ran last month and offered similar offers on Mi products. Read on to know how to participate and win these products at incredible discounts.

Mi Midweek Madness: Price Drop, Offer Details

So the Midweek Madness challenge is pretty much the same as the 24 Hour challenge Xiaomi held last month. Select few products such as the Mi Earphones Black, and the Mi City Backpack will be available at discounted prices of just Rs.1. On the other hand, products like the 10,000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i is currently being offered for Rs 449, which is half its listed MRP for Rs. 899. Just like last time, you will need the help of your friends and family to win these products at their respective discounts. Mi midweek madness

Another thing worth mentioning is that Xiaomi is running the offer in a manner where two products are being offered in the challenge at a time. This morning, the Mi Air purifier was being offered for half its price while the Mi Earphones was being offered for just Rs.1. At the time of writing, however, the challenge for these two products had already ended, and the next two products up for grabs are the 1000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i (at 50% off), and the Mi City Backpack (at 99% off). This challenge will begin at 4:30 PM and the challenge period will run for 2 hours per product. More products might replace these tonight so keep checking the website every few hours to see what options you get.

Mi Midweek Madness: How to participate

To get your chance at winning one of these products, you need to head over to this website and log in with a Mi account. If you don’t have one, you will need to register. Registration is relatively straightforward and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. After logging in, you will get the option of selecting which product you wish to try and win at its discounted price. Those who might be registering for the first time today will get an addition Rs.1,000 coupon to purchase other items outside today’s challenge.

To win the product, you will need to gradually get the price down its lowest value before the offer period ends. After you log-in and select your desired product, you should see an option that says “Drop Price Now”. This should take a few rupees off of the selected product. Then, you will need to share a challenge link with your family and friends. You can either have the link shared directly via social media such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, or you can use the direct link and forward it either via email or SMS. Once your Friend or Family member uses the link and presses on the “Drop Price Now” button, the price of your selected product will reduce further. All you need to do is get the price down as much as possible to win the challenge.

Mi Midweek Madness: Terms and Conditions

As mentioned earlier, you will get just two hours to win the products at their discounted price. Furthermore, you will need to drop the price to its lowest limit to win. For example, if you chose to try your luck with the Mi City Backpack, the challenge will begin with the bag’s price at Rs 1,599. Each person who clicks on the “Drop Price Now” button will get the price down anywhere from Rs10 to Rs 40 or even more. You need to drop the price down to Rs.1 within 2 hours to buy the bag. If you fail to reach this limit, you will not be allowed to buy the bag at whatever reduced price you may have reached within the time frame.

Other rules of this challenge state that you get three days to make your purchase if you win the challenge. Each participating friend can help get the price down only once per gadget but can help with up to 10 different gadgets in this challenge. This offer runs on a first-come-first-serve basis and will be valid either until stocks last or the time runs out.

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