Jio vs Airtel: Prepaid Recharge Plans, Offers Detailed Comparison, Who Wins the Data Game?

Back-to-back offers are being launched from both the telecom companies


The leading telecom companies of India—Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio are giving plenty of offers lately. As we can see, there is a battle between the two companies in indulging their customers with loads of compelling offers in order to stay as the leading network of the country. Back-to-back offers were given from both the telecom companies as a take on each other’s offer.  Now, the introduction of Reliance Jio’s ‘Double Dhamaka’ offer has paved the path for a very tough fight and a tough turn from Airtel’s side.

To put things simply, a short outline of the rivalry is given forth:

Jio vs Airtel: Their Calculated Moves

Airtel was, of course, a leading telco, but it lacked a competitive partner before Jio came to take on every single network operator in the country. Reliance Jio, a late entrant to the telecom industry, made its every move a hit. Just on reaching the market, Reliance Jio pulled the subscribers towards it by offering them free data usage for around six to seven month period with different (one after the other) festive offers such as Preview, Welcome, and Happy New Offer. After seeing the response given to Jio by the huge subscriber base (around 16 million), Airtel and Vodafone came up with similar kinds of offers to stop their customers from changing their network to Jio.

Jio vs Airtel: Latest Prepaid Plans, Offers Comparison

It was a monsoon of offers over the users of Airtel and Jio for a past few months. And, it is still not over; Jio’s Double Dhamaka offer is evidence to it. The Internet, being a basic necessity to the humankind of today’s generation, is the main target of focus in designing an offer. Therefore, every network operator aims to attract their subscribers with mammoth of data at however cheap costs possible.

Earlier this week, Airtel was found revising its Rs 149 and Rs 399 recharge plans to offer extra 1GB data to the already existing 1GB data per day for selected users. Thus, the user will end up having 2GB internet data per day. This was considered as the masterstroke from Airtel until Reliance Jio came with its counter-attack in the name of Double Dhamaka. Double Dhamaka gave 1.5GB extra with every daily recurring recharge.

In addition to the Double Dhamaka offer, a discount of Rs 100 is given to Reliance Jio customers on recharge of Rs 399 through MyJio App. This recharge must be channelized through a payment App called PhonePe. In this combined process, the user can get Rs 50 cash back and Rs 50 discount voucher, thereby making it a plan of Rs 299. For any recharge below Rs 300, a 20% discount is given along with the benefits. After Double Dhamaka and other offers from Jio, Airtel is struggling to hit back as of now.

Jio vs Airtel: Who wins the data game?

Upon studying the detailed price comparison, a conclusion can be drawn out of the recent pricing and offerings of Airtel and Jio. Although Airtel has been a pioneer in giving qualitative offers, now it is Jio that is ruling the market with a lot of advantages to quote for the subscribers.

Moreover, Jio is giving three times more extended validity period on its Rs 98 pack. It is also learned that Jio is giving 50%, 150%, 50%, 25%, 150%, and 150% more data on Rs 149, Rs 199, Rs 349, Rs 399, Rs 448, and Rs 509 recharge packs, respectively. It was also seen that in Jio’s Rs 349 pack, the company is offering Rs 50 cash back. There are also extra advantages with Jio subscription that include no extra data charge, no blackout days, and free subscription/access to 16+ Jio Apps such as MyJio, JioMusic etc.

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