MacOS Mojave supports plug and play support for HTC Vive Pro

MacOS Mojave shakes hands with the HTC Vive Pro VR headset

HTC Vive Pro CES 2018

MacOS High Sierra has VR support, though Apple has no VR headset of its own. Apple could have an original AR/VR headset with 8K resolution in the works later this year. If Apple opens up its MacOS platform to VR support, then the fruit company is serious about VR and AR. With MacOS Mojave, the next-generation update, Apple turns even more VR-friendly with plug and play support for the HTC Vive Pro.

MacOS Mojave HTC Vive Pro Support Details

HTC VIve pro

Apple’s announcement for Vive Pro support builds on its Steam VR/Open VR/Vive support in MacOS 10.13 High Sierra. MacOS High Sierra makes it possible for older computers to add an eGPU for VR-readiness, and MacOS Mojave continues the trend. Even the HTC Vive Pro’s pass-through cameras will have Apple support. The Vive Pro will be a VR headset of choice for Apple fans until this Fall.

Oculus says no to MacOS Mojave VR support


Despite Apple’s VR-readiness in the new MacOS update, Oculus still says no to the desktop VR platform. The Oculus Rift had MacOS support years ago, but Oculus stopped support for the Mac in 2015. The company continues to say no to the platform, with little desire to commit to it at the moment.

Oculus appears stubborn, but there are likely good reasons behind it. For one, few in their buyer base view the Mac as a VR gaming platform or want to develop apps for it. Few MacBook buyers want or desire VR. Next, MacOS Mojave, like iOS 12, is very privacy-friendly, which poses problems for Cambridge Analytica scandal-stained Facebook who owns Oculus. Facebook is having to rethink privacy in light of its most recent scandal, but Facebook isn’t privacy-friendly. Apple and Facebook’s interests are what keep Oculus away from MacOS.

MacOS Mojave VR support doesn’t follow mobile VR trend

Oculus Go VR Headset

MacOS supports VR, but few buyers are interested in desktop VR. With the sheer rise in the number of mobile VR headsets on the market right now, including Samsung’s Gear VR, Google’s Daydream View, and even Xiaomi’s new Mi VR headset, mobile VR is where the virtual reality investment is today. Facebook-owned Oculus makes Rift headsets for the premium segment, but Oculus also makes budget-friendly VR headsets for the masses with Android OEMs. The $199 standalone Oculus Go, made by Xiaomi, was just announced in January of this year.

Even standalone VR headsets, such as those Samsung is planning or the Lenovo Mirage Solo standalone Daydream View-powered VR headset will encourage greater sales than tethered VR. The reason? Mobile VR, like mobile phones, work on the go. Few VR gamers or buyers want to concern themselves with remaining stationary during their VR experiences.

Where is an Apple mobile VR headset with support on iOS 12?

iPhone model in 2019 might feature a rear triple camera lens like the P20 Pro

Apple has yet to bring a mobile VR headset to iOS, even with its new iOS 12 announcement at WWDC 2018. With no mobile VR headset for its mobile platform, Apple doesn’t look too intent on investing in VR/AR. There are more iPhone users than MacBook users, so to bring VR/AR support to MacOS High Sierra and MacOS Mojave, while neglecting iOS 12 doesn’t appear to be the right move.

HTC Vive Pro users will appreciate the plug and play support from MacOS Mojave, but everyday mobile users are still wondering why Apple has yet to invest in a mobile VR or standalone headset.

MacOS Mojave brings more than HTC Vive Pro support

In addition to HTC Vive Pro plug-and-play support for MacOS Mojave, the new Mac OS also brings features such as Stacks, a Dark Theme Mode, and a new Mac App Store. Microsoft Office will also land on Mojave this Fall.


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