Xiaomi Ecosystem Product Launch: Mi Rollerball Pen, Mi Travel U-shaped Pillow , Mi I Love Mi T-shirt and Mi Band 2 Charge Cable


Xiaomi is not just a company that sells smartphones. The Chinese manufacturer sells a lot of things, including Laptops, Powerbanks, TV, Air Purifiers, Backpacks, Weighing scale, earphones, LED lights, webcam, vacuum cleaners, Rice cookers, toothbrush, cases, cables, fitness bands, selfie stick, Bluetooth speakers, routers, and more. We are talking about Xiaomi products that are being sold in India.

Now, the company has announced a couple of new products in the Xiaomi Ecosystem. These new products are already available in China, but soon you’ll be able to buy it from Mi.com in India.

Basically, Xiaomi is an internet company that sells everything under the sun. CEO Lei Jun states that ‘Xiaomi is a company that uses smartphones, smart hardware, smart IoT, as a base to be an internet company. We’re a new species. It’s a very different understanding from the traditional concept of a company’. And it’s all true. The company has had massive success in India, and is also one of the top 5 smartphone companies in the world by sales numbers.

So now, Xiaomi has announced four new products in India. You will now be able to buy Mi Rollerball Pen, Travel U-Shaped Pillow, I Love Mi T-shirts, and Charging cable for the Mi Band 2.

Mi Rollerball Pen

Well, if you ever wanted to own a Mi branded ball pen, then your dreams have been answered. The Mi Pen features an all aluminium body, which makes it very classy and gives it a premium look. You could either buy one for yourself, or gift it to someone who has a lot of Mi products.

The Mi Rollerball Pen will be sold for a price of Rs. 179. 

Mi Travel U-Shaped Pillow

This Pillow could come in handy when you’re travelling and need something to rest your head on or sleep sitting on a seat. The Mi Travel U-Shaped Pillow is made out of cotton and natural latex. It should be very comfortable, and you can have it in either Grey or Beige color options.

The Mi Travel U-shaped Pillow will be sold at Rs. 999. 

Mi I Love Mi T-Shirt

Xiaomi already sells T-Shirts in India, but now they’ve got a new one that says ‘I Love Mi’ on the front.

These new T-Shirts are made from soft, blended cotton and are comfortable to wear. You will be able to purchase the new ‘I Love Mi’ T-shirt in three color options; Black, Grey, and White.

The Mi ‘I Love Mi’ T-Shirt will be sold for Rs. 399. 

Mi Band 2 Charge Cable

Xiaomi has also stocked up on new Charging cables for the Mi Band 2 fitness band. This Charge Cable can be used to charge the Mi Band 2, and also the Mi Band – HRX Edition.

In case you own a Mi Band 2 or the HRX Edition, and your cable is broken, you can pick one up from the Mi Store for Rs. 129.

Visit the Mi.com/in store to purchase any of the above new products. Apart from these new products, the Mi Store is usually stocked up on their popular Mi Powerbanks, Bluetooth Speakers, and Selfie Stick.

If you are Football fanatic, Xiaomi is also having a great festival called Mi Football Carnival 2018. You can participate if you own a Xiaomi smartphone and can win exciting prizes such as a brand new Redmi Note 5 Pro, Redmi Note 5, Mi Band 2, 10000mAh Mi Powerbank 2i, and Mi Earphones.

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