Vivo Y81 with 6.2-inch display and Helio P22 launched in Taiwan


Vivo just launched the Y83 back in May with a 6.22-inch display and an HD+ (1520 x 720p) resolution, but for some reason, has now decided to launch the Vivo Y81, a similar device with some slight modifications. The new Vivo Y81 has now been announced in Taiwan.

Similarities between the Vivo Y81 and Y83

There are some similarities between the Vivo Y83 and the new Vivo Y81. First, the display of the Y81 is around the same size as the Y83 at ~6.2 inches. The resolution is also the same, with the Y81 having the same resolution as the Y83 (HD+) along with the same processor chip (MediaTek Helio P22). The Y83 and Y81 both have the notch design trend and 19:9 aspect ratio that buyers are expecting, so neither Y-series phone leaves buyers out of the very best of trending tech. Both Vivo phones also have 13MP rear shooters and should have Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box.

In a move that will make many buyers happy, both the Y81 and Y83 have the same battery capacity: keeping the lights on in both phones is a 3,260mAh lithium-ion cell. With identical screen size, and resolution, users should have identical battery life with either phone. There is no fast charging on either the Y83 or the China-based Y81.

Differences between the Vivo Y81 and Y83

Though the differences may prove small for some, they are present. The main differences pertain to the front-facing camera, RAM, and internal storage. First, the new Y81 has a 5MP front shooter versus the 8MP front shooter of the Y83. Next, the Y83 is superior in RAM, with 4GB versus the 3GB of the Y81. Finally, the Y83 has 64GB of internal storage versus the 32GB of the Vivo Y81. You can always add a microSD card for external storage, but external storage does not operate the same as internal storage. Even with a microSD card, there are files and data that will not operate the same as data within the phone. Keep in mind, too, that microSD cards are corruptible and their data is erasable.

Two other differences exist between these Vivo phones. The Y83 costs Rs. 15,882 while the new Y81 costs ~Rs. 14,854 (4,990,000 New Taiwan Dollar). The Y83 is available in Black and Red, but the Y81 will come in Black only.

Vivo makes history with the X21

Vivo X21 Features

Vivo, sister company to OPPO and OnePlus and owned by BBK Electronics, made history earlier this month when it launched the Vivo X21, the world’s first smartphone to feature an in-display fingerprint sensor. Fingerprint sensors have been embedded in physical home buttons and on the back covers of smartphones for some years now in an attempt to keep them functional yet stylish. Vivo’s X21 is the first in the world to embed the fingerprint sensor within the display.

Early reports on the in-display fingerprint sensor are that it is slower than traditional fingerprint sensors. Vivo has released an OS update to improve the efficiency of the in-display fingerprint sensor as well as the sensor’s security. The Vivo NEX Ultimate, like the X21, also has an in-display fingerprint sensor but features 3rd-generation in-display fingerprint technology.