Chuwi HiGame Is A Powerful Mini-PC That Plays Games And Professional Video Editing Too

With a choice of high-end 8th Gen Core i5/i7 processors, 8GB RAM and Radeon RX Vega Graphics, this affordable mini-PC claims to combine hardcore gaming and professional work in a small form factor.

Chuwi HiGame mini PC:

Chinese tech startup Chuwi may not be a common name in the tech circles outside China. But this company has been one of the core supporters of small form factor computers and desktops. Its latest offering, imaginatively referred to as HiGame, has hit crowd-funding platform Indiegogo.

Apart from components that try to strike a balance between miniaturization and performance, it is the attractive pricing that is garnering attention and backers. As of writing, the campaign has raised $341,876 (INR 2.2 Cr.), exceeding its rather humble target of $50,000 (INR 33,00,000) by a whopping 686 percent.

Chuwi HiGame Mini Gaming PC: Specifications

Calling HiGame a mini-pc that allows gaming would be an understatement. Hence the company has taken to calling it a micro-desktop. The pre-built system is slightly thicker than most modern dedicated gaming consoles. But the system will feature the new 8th Gen Intel processors which are paired with AMD’s RX Vega M graphics.

Indiegogo currently features two variants of Chuwi HiGame mini-PC. The higher-end model sports a Core i7-8709G processor bundled with Vega M GL. The other model has a Core i5-8305G processor with Vega M GH discrete graphics.  Although both the models have 8GB DDR4 RAM, the size of SSD differs. The Core i5 model gets a 256GB SSD, while the i7 model has 512GB.

Chuwi HiGame isn’t skimping on ports either. In addition to easy upgrade for RAM as well as SSD/HDD, including the slimmer M.2, there are two HDMI, two DVI, four USB-3, and one Thunderbolt port. The company claims the micro-desktop can run five displays simultaneously, which needless to add, is quite an impressive claim.

Chuwi HiGame Mini PC Gaming Video Editing

Chuwi HiGame Mini Gaming PC: Can Chuwi stand amidst powerful rivals like Gigabyte, Asus RoG, and Alienware?

Buyers have traditionally preferred Mini PCs for everyday mundane office tasks like data entry, light browsing and emailing or to serve as media centers. Although, they could be stretched to their capacity for some light video editing and casual gaming, these small form factor desktop workstations were never considered for their gaming potential, until recently.

Sure there are many other small form factor gaming PCs like Gigabyte GB-GZ1DTI7-1070-NK, Alienware Alpha Desktop Console, ASUS GR8 II-T045Z Mini PC (RoG Titan) | GR8 II-T045Z, MSI Trident 3 Arctic VR7RD-048US, etc. But Chuwi’s HiGame has some neat tricks up its sleeve. Besides being well within the budget range, it can serve as a workstation as well as a gaming desktop.

In addition to gamers, Chuwi is also targeting content creators. Both the category of buyers need capable hardware. But this time they are getting the powerful package in a small form factor. The company claims their mini PC can run demanding video rendering and graphics software like Adobe Premiere, HandBrake, and Maya.

In addition to the rather impressive specifications, and the fact that the Core i5 model is priced at $899 (INR 60,000), Chuwi has promised deliveries of HiGame will begin from August. Since popular dedicated gaming platforms are aging quickly, Chuwi’s timing is certainly commendable.

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